By babysitter - 24/06/2010 21:38 - United States

Today, I was twenty minutes into babysitting my twin baby cousins when I realized that there are no diapers to be found anywhere in the house. I have no way to get a hold of my aunt, no money to buy new diapers, and I don't even have a way to get to the store in the first place. The next few hours are going to be lovely. FML
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hahaha use kitchen curtains!!!!! Don't you watch Drake and Josh?!?!

keep them on their parents bed and let them go crazy because they were dicks to do that.


That sounds like a SHITTY situation!

LMAO at #12 you could just use garbage bags or something =P lol

So you're going to be on FML for the next hours? Good idea. You're such a good babysitter. You deserve a raise. Just let the baby be naked, for chist's sake!

#12 Haha. I love puns!

Paper towels. And tape. Ever seen Full House? :P

aww that's a crap thing to have to endure!

Time to go back to the olden days and cloth diaper them!

26, shut up. All FML's have to start with "Today" and are sometimes in the present tense for clarity or humor, so the OP wasn't necessarily typing the FML as it was happening. Must we clear this up on every FML in the present tense?

well you will be I knee deep in poop

49-if you would have read the FML thoroughly you would have noted "the next few hour are going to be lovely"... now who's the dumb ass?

just use towls and safety pins

That would be you. Read: "...clarity and/or HUMOR."

dude leave em in the tub for a few hours

57-sittin on ure fat butt and playing xbox all day makes u end up like that MOVE URE LAZYBUTT TO A GYM JESUS CHRIST THAT IS SO UNHEALTHY OP use curtains ever seen drake and josh?

For what it's worth, I'm speechless.

And 69 you look like a little kid about 14 years old who's balls haven't dropped.. Now that the obvious shit is out of the way, let's continue.

73- I guess you would stand up for her seeing as you have two things in common. It is impossible to tell if you are male or female though I'm leaning torwards female for you and male for Cody...

Can't you just ask anyone else to go buy diapers for you?

Don't feed them!!!! haha jk that's going to be a fun night, FYL

Ydi for babysitting for someone who keeps raising the human population.

newspaper and tape? so many other options lol

put ur tetas away. your like in the 7th grade.

so so true. thank you.

Lol 83.. OP, use cloth and safety pins? Agreed, there's more options to use until the parent gets home. Then complain to them.

miss rachie might be the hottest girl I've ever seen

Lol, that happened to me and my sister once. We improvised be strapping a pad to their underware. :] Hey, it worked...

69 u don't look too healthy itself and that pict is a joke u dumbass

pull a family guy and just eat their shit out of their diapers maybe you'll get paid extra

Looks like you're literally up shit's creek without a paddle.

73 ure right bout 1 thing i am 14

ydi for not making sure there were diapers before your aunt left

get off fml and find a solution idiot

Wrap them in towels.... or get ready to give them 4-hour baths. Take them outside and hose them down. They will love that.

who is everyone hatin on bballer because he's 14. come on there are so many pervs on here who are either 25 or 15 and keep telling girls they are hot( for no reason) also this sight should be used by 14 year ok'd kids and not 40 year olds

#121, you have a point sir. Although, I don't think it should matter how old you are to use/go(to) this app/site.

yes but I just don't like it when people are on hear all the time when they should be working

#127 - Yah I get where you're coming from. Lots of downtime maybe? I don't know. :/ And gahh, my comments are poofing for no reason.. P.S. - Anti-flood, teabag a bear trap please.

it's ok op just look for some old towels and safety pins or yarn. if your going to babysit you have to be ready for anything and be creative!

that is so mean 69

What does going to work have to do with commenting on FML lol? I agree about the old pervert thing though. *shutters* I can't stand how many desperate people are on this site, as well as those people who TRY to be funny but fail completely and then get upset when you don't laugh.

Raleigh I haven't talked to you in forever :(

#129 lmao!! "tea bag a bear trap please" hahahaha

Hailey, I know. I've missed you. :( You should message me. :] #142 - Hah, ya I thought that was kinda funny as I was thinking about it too. :P

136, exactly there is no point because you will never actually meet these people in real life

Why do you people feel the need to criticise others on here?..

127 it's funny to read about ppls failures...when yur bored =P

I don't criticize just speak my opinion. I wouldn't ever be mean to someone for just hitting on another person, it's when people become desperate about their approach. I joke around at times but most people aren't. I'm a very nice person though :) Rose, tacos are very delicious so you're very lucky.

:] #155, who said Taylor's comment was directed towards you?

Lol, well I'm not saying it was, I was just making sure everyone knew that I wasn't criticizing anyone :P

that's why you never: 1.have kids 2.agree to babysit kids 3.have to be around kids and that is my opoin. "tea bag a bear trap" I'll have to use datsome day

Lol, everyone is just pumping Raleigh's ego! He stole that joke from me

well there is something to b said that it's not only the people saying people r cute but it's also the girls fault (or guys) for posing a way or wearing something that will attract attention.

btw I know this is out of context therefor I shall make it quick but who has the 4.0 update and likes it. thumbs up :D  or ^3 :D. horrible thumbs up I know 

Lol, I have that update, and I give it a thumbs up. :P My friend stood in line forever today to get his new iPhone 4, and I ended up breaking it. :| Well, haha, he said it acts weird now.. Also, here's some thumbs up emotes: d(^.-)

Lol, so my picture appears to be provactive to you? People should be allowed to dress any way they want. Although I agree with you to a certain extent, people should know their boundaries and hold a sense of control. Everybody will have a different view about a person's picture. For example, Jessie's picture was not in the least bit sexual to me but another person thought otherwise. Did it give anyone a right to say "hey baby let's screw, you're so hot, omg I want to do you right now" yes because it's freedom of speech but she was inviting people to do so simply because of her picture. The point is that people are to desperate. If you're going to "hit" on somebody, send them a private message and get to know them. I know from experience that it certainly pays off in the end. :)

Give them towels :D

well I think missrachies pic does seem like she wants attention and as long as she doesn't complain on people looking at her I'm fine. and I do think people are too desperate but saying "ur cute" is not bad. Hell I'd love some random person to say I'm cute. what I'm trying to say is don't post a flattering pic and complain when someone comments on how "hot" or "cute" u look. and Brah I don't think u broke it I think the iPhone 4 is just too high-tech for him 0.0. haha. btw Ty d(-.0)

... all my post which was 2 paragraphs long just went poof. anti-flood please go find the deepest hole in the world and jump into it. gah.

use your mouth. ;D

Ttry to improvise and use something else if you can not find anyone to buy diapers for you. It's a little odd that they left you without any diapers for their children. And as for everyone who keeps insulting others on here, stop acting so childish. What good comes out of treating others badly?

Yeah I see your point :)

178- they did it cuz they is dickheads

Dickheads they are :)

^^^ Dickheads they is Typo

Use the parents towels or shirts.

ydi for babysitting

#22 you are hotttt

well it could always be worse, you could have them be mixed up or something

ydi for being so unprepared the part about the diapers isn't your fault but all babysitters r supposed to get the parent's phone number for emergencies and I bet there is a working house phone there

OP's in some deep s***

keep them on their parents bed and let them go crazy because they were dicks to do that.

old scool diapers

in soviet russia babies babysit you!

ok first accual good sovit Russia joke in a long time

nah it's still lame.. nice try though

In Soviet Russia iPod touch you! ;)

ydi for having ears

Better go find one of their hand towels or somethin

Good Luck. Maybe Try Using Paper Towel Or Some Rags To Make A Diaper. Fyl

Use there very pricey curtains for doing this to you!! :)

hahaha use kitchen curtains!!!!! Don't you watch Drake and Josh?!?!