By sonotsuave - United States - Arlington
Today, I was tutoring. When my kids were finally working on their own, I stood in my classroom’s doorway to talk to my boss sitting outside about upcoming work. Suddenly, one of my students sitting directly behind me let out the loudest fart ever. I think my boss heard and thought it was me. FML
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By  Sonotsuave  |  33

😂 I forgot I wrote this too. This was a while ago! I mean think what you want lol but it actually was a kid sitting revising his essay in my class. My boss called me outside for a second as she normally does pretty often to talk about schedule changes and kids coming in later in the day. I swung around the door of my class because she sits outside and is always moving around, and that’s when my kids decided to be gross. I think she knew it was a student though because the younger kids are always doing stuff like that or leaving the bathroom door open.

Someone is always coming in sick, picking his/her nose, sneezing or farting 😆 That teacher life