By sleepy - 01/07/2019 02:10

Today, I was trying to fall asleep. Unfortunately, my next-door neighbor's baby began to cry. I closed the window and rolled over, unable to hear the crying anymore. My dog's hearing is better than mine, and so he started barking. Goodbye, good night's sleep. FML
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so teach your dog not to bark. ydi

Not all dogs respond to bark training. Growing up, we had 2 dogs, a lab and a Schipperke. When the lab starting barking, we got her a shock collar and she learned to not bark. When the schipperke started barking, we got her a shock collar as well, and she learned how to bark around the shock or ignore it (even on the highest setting). Now, the lab has passed on, and we got a new puppy. The old schipperke has now taught the puppy to bark all the time (she didn’t before they met).


so teach your dog not to bark. ydi

My dogs only bark when people are in my yard or my neighbors daughter brings over her yippy chihuahuas. Oh ya, she walks them in my yard the calls to complain that my dogs are barking.