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Don't listen to her. More pussy is always the answer.

Why not have both?


This looks like a lame attempt to be the first comment. Please try to comment something more imaginative than "hahaha :)" in the future.

I was laughing :)


Sounds to me like she doesn't want you to grow old an be a lonely cat woman.

Edit: sorry for the redundancy...1 beat me to it lol

well #1 doesn't exist anymore so you came back on top

Nothing wrong with kittens.

Nothing wrong with a dick in her either!!!

You're so unlucky that if it were raining pussy you would get hit in the face with a dick. Or maybe for you it's the other way around. I'm a guy so sometimes it's difficult to take my life lessons and turn then around for females...

Not till they transform into those stupid cats

Don't we all OP, don't we all?

Why not have both?

Getting cat dick inside of her? But cats are pussies. Quite the paradox, if you ask me.

12 - According to a thread on another FML, the male cat has spikes on the penis. Ouch.

why not Zoidberg

30- That explains why only masochists go out me.

Like the taco commercial "porque no los dos?" ....... Hooray!

Don't listen to her. More pussy is always the answer.

Cats swerve you to the road of 'Mad Cat Lady'.

Kittens will actually help you with that. It's been statistically been proven.

stevenJB 25

Comment matches profile pic :3

Will you still think it's so cute when it's an adult? I hate when people get pets just because they're cute as babies.. they never want them when they're older

psh. I love my cat even if she is def and going crazy.

Yes. Nobody wants them once they get old. I can't tell you how many 6 month old puppies I've thrown in the garbage because they were just getting too darn old.

I just keep getting baby bunnies. You can cook 'em when you're finished with the little bastards.

I don't know why you're getting down voted. This is a serious issue. Our first kitty was a victim of this kind of callous behavior. We found him 3 days before our wedding in my In-Law's neighborhood. He was skin & bones & very skittish. The vet said that it was obvious he'd had a home (albeit a terrible one) until a week or 2 beforehand & told us the statistics of cats around his age just being dumped because they aren't kittens anymore. It's heartbreaking... I'm not saying this is the case with OP, as it just seemed to be a ploy to soften her roommate to the idea, but it is a real issue.

My cat is fully grown and a huge asshole, but I still love him and think he's adorable.

My adult cat is fabulous.

39 - how the hell can a cat turn into an asshole?

#44: Refer to your picture and you will get your answer.

I love cats, but I can only eat just one.

Just like your mom. She loved you as a kid but now that you're older, she didn't want you.

Sounds like a predickament OP

Don't listen to her OP! She just sounds like a bitch. It isn't the fact that she dislike kittens, it's the fact that she thinks that it's any of her business about your sex life. If I was your flatmate, I would of agreed with the kitten!

What did the kitten say that you agree with?