By uncoretard - 11/03/2011 14:33

Today, I was trying out for my school's athletics team. As I reached the finish line for the 100m sprint, there was so much momentum I couldn't stop. I ended up running into a wall. FML
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Damn, Nike outdid themselves this time.


who puts a wall right behind the finish line?

call of duty <3333

maybe he is just really really fat?

hah im doin 100m's right now. this reminds me! we were on cool down walk on the track and a girl runs past me and my friend and says cmon boys, go hard no walkin. we jst blew it off. thirty seconds later she stops doubled over and when we pass her my friend says: "i thought we were goin hard? no stoppin?" and we both laugh. after we pass her we hear her screaming and crying from a stomach cramp- we felt bad but he was sure it was karma hahaha

I doubt he would be able to go fast enough to build up that kind of momentum if he was super fat.

#30, Got a phone? if you do.. call someone who gives a shit.

hmm. note to self: get shoes with better grip.

I did that while running suicides in the gym but the wall was padded and it was the first day of pe good first impression

he could have been running down hill and then just started rolling down hill like a giant snow ball except it was made of fat and it was a person...

why didnt you just turn after u passed the finish line

what was chasing him

Teehee? Or not..

cool story, bro. tell it again.

lmfao if i were there i wuldve died of laughter!!:')

flawless victory lol

I've done that before &gt;.&gt; Being fast has it's downsides...

Damn, Nike outdid themselves this time.

face plant ftw!! lol

If I had a nickel for every time I heard something like this :p...fyl though

So did you win?

Do you not watch where you're going?