By Anonymous - 04/10/2013 05:04 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, I was training at work on proper techniques of physical restraint. As my coworker was practicing on me, I realized this was the first time I've had physical contact with a man in years. I'm ashamed to admit how good it felt to feel his weight pressed into my back as I pretended to resist. FML
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A proper technique might be to tie him up so he can't get away.

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Might I suggest online dating?


1- Only in the most remote, saddest way possible. :( Makes me want to give Op a hug, no matter how much she may enjoy it more than me.

If women were as obvious when they're turned on as men are, you might regret that hug.

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Your sick and you need a man.

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You should try online dating. I have been there op. sitting on the crowded trains so that I can get some physical contact.

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well idk what to say.... just wanna be the first lol

#2, how about you don't comment until you have something to say. That would be appreciated thanks.

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Might I suggest online dating?

I agree. You may be surprised how many options you have once you start looking. Good luck, OP. :)

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Or conjugal visits with your prison pen pal.

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McStabby Murderface seems like a friendly guy.

Trying to think of something clever to say... It's not working.

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Makes me think of Olivia Newton Johns lets get physical song lmfao

If you were attracted to him, did you ask him out yet?

Yeah, because dating your COWORKER is always the best idea.

It doesn't even say that she likes the coworker, just the physical contact.

A proper technique might be to tie him up so he can't get away.

Shame OP. Make a plan to get some contact. It can't be good for a lady not to be touched.

This reads like the start of a trashy romance novel.

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I hope you have a good vibrator.

Have this urge to repeat a bad quote; "Sex is like bridge.....if you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand." ;p In this case, it's more like Solitaire though.... :p

Maybe she has a good vibrator and that's the problem. She has grown accustomed to being alone.

33 - You're obviously a dude if that's the sort of mindset you have. Nothing beats the real thing.