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  Gothicbunnyx3  |  16

I know I'm going to get so much hate, but I don't exactly "believe" Cyberbullying is real. The people who commit suicide over something so absurd like "you're ugly" just astounds me. Cyberbullying, you can delete the hate and block the person and move on with your life. But the people today feel the need to defend themselves and self harm and to the point of suicide. The whole generation has become so involved in technology that they won't shut off the phone, close the laptop, or delete the hate and it results in suicide.

  ViRepz  |  28

Seriously? I don't think you get the concept of bullying, it doesn't matter what medium is used to put someone down or to harass someone, it's still called bullying. I was going to explain to you further, but what's the point, im not here to preach to anyone, family guy is on...

  GwylaFelidae  |  7

#41, while I agree with your statement about society's attachment to electronic devices, I have to disagree with what you have said about bullying.

It used to happen only at school (or to and from), getting "hate mail" in lockers and such. For a person who is insecure, this is a really upsetting thing. With the invention of the Internet, the bullies were able to send emails, stock various social media sources, and generally make life a living hell NON-STOP. You block one user on your email/im/social service, they will create a new one and start again. I don't know about anyone else, but if I were harassed every waking moment I may be driven to self harm. Bullying is exactly this: harassment. Bullying is harassment used to cause physical, emotional, mental, and social harm.

With the insecurities I have, I am lucky that I wasn't bullied past elementary school.

  DatPinkman  |  4

#50 I was cyber bullied so I got off of social networking sites and said "Fuck you I read BOOKS". It worked quite well.

I decided I didn't need their constant bullshit.

By  loveingit  |  7

So what is the FML? The son that bullies people? Or that your done it not clever enough to bully? Or the parent being told what the kid is doing and not knowing what the kid is doing online?

By  ywolfgl  |  21

Bullying anyone including Justin B. is not ok! As a victim, it sucks! Once got dried cheese in my pillowcase. Once got locked out from superglued keyhole. I'd also like to remind the hater of Justin B that dislike and bad are two different things