By isthisajoke - 15/01/2009 03:49 - United States

Today, I was told that my mom and her new husband have named my new born brother "Titan". FML
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Is your mom Sarah Palin?

I just hope "Titan" ends up being short :P


Is your mom Sarah Palin?

pommeblossom 0

HAHA, I'm so sorry!

you certainly sound sorry :) haha. I hate names like that (unless the FML is that OP's name is also Titan) I know a kid called Spider.

I know a kid named Ponyboy.

Lichinamo 33

92- Is his older brother's name Sodapop?

Thanks now I'm depressed. I loved that book/movie

tokyooo123 0

i think its cute. like a dog, but cute

graciegirl 0

um...who said the poster deserved it?

I just hope "Titan" ends up being short :P

CokokoLa 0

haha if titan is for short then his normal name would be titanic!!!!!! HAHA LOL i shouldn't be laughing so hard at

Titan isnt short for titanic, its what they called the forces against the greek gods in their myths...

at least you're not the one called titan.

unless the FML is that OP shares their name with their new brother. Potentially a double FML.

That's my dog's name, haha.

hahaha, our dogs name too, was a newfie, huge xD

sukhdeep 4

my dogs name is Titan

chiquitanikicita 0

Please don't tell me that your mom and step-dad have a Titan truck...

victoriarosezeli 0

XD haha, ew. That'd be weird riding in that thing.

I was gonna say, his nickname is going to be tit.