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Well technically speaking they could have possibly studied Viking, but since Vikings are from Scandanavia I don't see how this comment makes sense. You might want to get a basic high school education.

  Sungod  |  0

We don't have major/minors in the Netherlands ;) but it was probably some useless MBO degree (mbo is the college for below average people.. More practical studies)

  justsayfuck  |  5

#56, uhm.. yes we do. And it makes more sense that she's overqualified, there are jobs enough for MBO students, but there is a tight labor market for higher qualified people.

  mandy_Reeves  |  0

I was told that too by several hiring managers. you look over qualified and they think as soon as something in your field opens you will leave. I have tried to explain to them that I need a job since nothing is open in my field right now nor will be til the recession is over.

  Roika  |  4

#56, Ehm, we do actually have Masters and Minors.
Btw, if you're going to say MBO is for below average people, reread the name please. M as in Middelbaar, as in Average. So it's loosely translated as Average Vocational Education.
Maybe you should go back to highschool before they allow you back on the internet to make smart-ass remarks ^^

  rightsaidred  |  3

Same here. Only my problem is that there are no jobs in my field without a PhD. I only have a master's. Which simultaneously over-and under-qualifies me for everything.

  ktbird  |  0

WTF are you picking on Texas for? UT is a damn good school and the state of Texas has a number of other damn good schools.

Texas is one of the best places for industry right now too.

  robertdr  |  0

look at the plates baby ut all the way, well think of it this way if op went to a texas school they would be overqualified for anything even for president lol, and us longhorns dont take to kind to your kind of people *locks shotgun spits some chew rebel yell*

  ktbird  |  0

Technically speaking, Red, that's exactly what happened. Texas was it's own country before joining the Union ;)

Texas can make a pretty good case for leaving the union now too, but I will leave that for another time :P

  ktbird  |  0

81, go back to class and let the grown ups talk. UT is ranked in the top 50 schools in the country. The engineering graduate school is ranked #9 in the country. The business school is #16 in the country. Law school #15.

I didn't go to UT, for the record. In fact my alma mater hates UT. But they are a good school and you'd have to be very misinformed to think otherwise.

  papernapkin  |  0

Yup yup.

Or, if you are working someplace that wants to prevent you from unionizing, they will choose uneducated over educated applicants.

Damn you, economy.

By  F_MY_L1FE  |  0

If your college degree is irrelevant to the job you applied for, then you should remove it. Only include information relevant to the job the resume is for.

By  tralin  |  5

That can be especially true if you hand your resume to an assistant or floor manager, because they might look at it and think that you're going to just go after their job and get them laid-off.