By TooInnocent - 07/07/2016 17:44 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, I was told that I was no longer being considered for the Prison Officer job I have been interviewed for, because a social media check showed I had liked a picture of drugs, so my character is inappropriate. I thought it was a picture of candy. I've never even tried weed. FML
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If you're that innocent, it's probably for the best that you don't work in a prison, OP

How do you mix up weed and candy? And why like a picture of candy??


How do you mix up weed and candy? And why like a picture of candy??

liquifiednate 21

OP never specified that the picture was weed. For all we know it was a picture of pills that looked like hard candies to OP. The only reason I see weed being mentioned in this FML is because OP wanted to show how innocent they are by not even trying it.

lexiieeex3 32

What candy even remotely looks like it can be drugs though?

Have you never heard of edibles? They're literally candy laced with THC.

Google "pills." Ta dah, you now have access to any number of pictures that could easily be mistaken for candy by a person that's never needed medication. Who knows how old OP even was when he liked this picture? Could e been from when they were a preteen.

Some people disguise drugs, like ecstasy and meth, in colourful forms and even shapes, so they look like candy. Usually to make them less harmful looking and more appealing.

But then edibles literally would be candy and unless stated otherwise, the people doing the background check wouldn't know it was drugs either, and if it is stated then it's OPs fault

You'd be surprised the training Prison Officers and staff go through to identify even the most obscurely hidden drugs.

Because it looks good...?

Ah that sucks OP. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

JocelynKaulitz 28

So if you were to find a prisoner with drugs would you just assume it's candy and walk away?

Because you should always subject all random internet pictures to the same amount of scrutiny you do your work tasks... (sarcasm) Different circumstances call for different measures. For instance, a child exiting a grocery store with a bag of candy is a lot less suspicious than an inmate with a bag of candy you did not know about.

If you're that innocent, it's probably for the best that you don't work in a prison, OP

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I don't see why this is downvoted, if you can't even clearly tell that something is a drug you really shouldn't work in a prison.

There are drugs that literally will be melted into actual candy. No visually discernible difference, thus. Tell me, do you track down the background of every image of an edible thing you see on the net, and always read all associated fine print? It's far easier mistake to make than you can imagine...

Tiamod 5

And this is why social media sucks.

I'm guessing it was a picture of colorful E tablets?? Honestly you probably shouldn't be working at a prison if you're naive and innocent....

lexiieeex3 32

This sounds like an Orange is the New Black episode waiting to happen.

It's a background check - most places will find you on social media too. It's nowhere near invading your privacy at all.

If you willingly post things on the Internet and people find it. That is NOT an invasion of privacy. Just because it isn't who you intended to see it, you still put it out there knowing the whole world could have access.