By Anonymous - / Tuesday 26 October 2010 13:50 / United Kingdom
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I had a feeling you were from the UK too, OP, since no one really complains about the cold apart from the British.

Paying £300 for bad news like that? you mug! that much money could repair the darn thing (with a suitably qualified technician) or even get a new one.


Hey #14! Just to let you know, its a lot. Before people start attacking you about your mistake (which we all need to remember, everyone makes!)


Hey fatso, if you're going to be correcting grammar, try using correct grammar yourself. In your first nastygram you missed the comma after "word," the period after "idiot," the capitalization of "It's," the comma is superfluous, and you missed the period after "man." And in the second comment "to" should be "too." Hypocrites piss me off.

By  KaySL

Let me guess, you went to PC World? They're infamous for charging hugely inflated prices for the simplest of tasks, which is funny, given most of their technicians are utterly clueless noobs. "Linux? That's a hacker tool!", "SATA drives? Ohhh, they're really cutting edge, I don't think we have those!".

You promptly set your carpet on fire? I suggest you get new carpet or move. Carpet should not be promptly set on fire. Now if you fell asleep and woke up to a blazing inferno, that's a different story. Of course, you shouldn't fall asleep with a space heater running.

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