By Anonymous - 26/10/2010 13:50 - United Kingdom

Today, I was told that all the data on my laptop is unrecoverable after my hard drive crashed. I have been charged £300 for them to tell me this. Feeling sorry for myself, I wrapped myself up in a blanket and turned on my fan radiator as it's so cold... and promptly set my carpet on fire. FML
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$300, that should be considered robbery

Ain't that a pickle.


Ain't that a pickle.

uhhh_awkward 0

Love that episode of South Park!! If that's what you're referring to, that is. :)

I ain't a pickled unless it's a Vlad's pickle?

it must've been a compaq

I had a feeling you were from the UK too, OP, since no one really complains about the cold apart from the British.

next time put your hard drive in the freezer for a few minutes and try it then. sounds weird but it works sometimes.

flawedgenius 6

Paying £300 for bad news like that? you mug! that much money could repair the darn thing (with a suitably qualified technician) or even get a new one.

$300, that should be considered robbery

No, £300. At the current exchange rate, that is $476.

Either way, it's still ALOT.

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alot is not a word idiot it's a lot, says the fat man

uhhh_awkward 0

Hey #14! Just to let you know, its a lot. Before people start attacking you about your mistake (which we all need to remember, everyone makes!)

pooper191817 0

to late says the fat man

it's "too", says the non-fat man.

Hey fatso, if you're going to be correcting grammar, try using correct grammar yourself. In your first nastygram you missed the comma after "word," the period after "idiot," the capitalization of "It's," the comma is superfluous, and you missed the period after "man." And in the second comment "to" should be "too." Hypocrites piss me off.

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Hey, 21! it's* "a lot".

Who are you? Mr. Bean?

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You promptly set your carpet on fire? I suggest you get new carpet or move. Carpet should not be promptly set on fire. Now if you fell asleep and woke up to a blazing inferno, that's a different story. Of course, you shouldn't fall asleep with a space heater running.

FFML_314 11

Don't bitch, you're nice and warm, aren't ya?

Yeah, and if OP doesn't watch out, he'll be burnt like chocolate chip cookies. xD

its a chick bro

Aw, atleast the fire made it warmer. (;

wintermistress7 1

That's just ridiculous and stupid, but man talk about a tough break. It's all bad.