By Kyle - 09/11/2012 06:57 - United States - Alpharetta

Today, I was told I look like a Simpson. I don't have blond hair, or any of the features of them. So I asked which one. I was told Homer because we both could use Weight Watchers and an education. FML
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saIty 17


zombieinahearse 3

"Why you little..." *choke him out*


Take it as a compliment.

How is fat and stupid a compliment?

You mean an insult..don't you?

Maybe he meant that being compared to an awesome television character like Homer... I forgot what I was going to say, Ima pass out And sleep now

I can't find a way to accept that as compliment in any way.

At least you're optimistic, 1. Though that's about all I can say for you.

damn_homie 2

Maybe he meant it like a wake up call. Start taking care of his body and getting an education.

But 53, how do you know OP doesn't? He or she may be trying to lose weight on a diet and take care of themselves, but it takes time. You don't just say to yourself, "Self, I think it's time to lose weight" and it's instantly gone. It can take months, maybe even years depending on their weight.

KM96 24

Insult more like it - maybe you are more of a Homer Simpson than him (1)

saIty 17


Inheritance 10

Dinkleburg! Oh wait wrong show. But yes this is a Doh moment.

Ohhhh burrrrrrred!

Homer is actually very smart, it's just he has a pen up his noise that makes him dumb.

oj101 33

Which is lodged in his brain, not his nose...

...and especially not his noise.

Mmmm.... donuts..

Well, if you want to get technical, 26, it's lodged in his nose which is forcing it into his brain. So you're both right.

I think it time for homer to try the slender man plan all u have to do is live off of water and bread and u will be as skinny as slender man pick up ur phone and call 4372237464

zombieinahearse 3

"Why you little..." *choke him out*

HOMER used STRANGLE on WILD BART! It's super effective! WILD BART has fainted.

bettykooler 7


Do you choke your son on a regular basis?

No he probably chokes his chicken on a regular basis.

Did you cause a nuclear meltdown again? What did I tell you about eating donuts on the main control system?

I don't understand how someone would even consider saying something like that to another person. I am so sorry, OP. I bet you're beautiful and smart, too.

sounds like someone was just being a prick. who says that to someone they've barely made any conversation with? you guessed it. a prick

It could have been worse - he could have said that you remind him of Cartman.

mvc3ftw 17

At least people would "Respect his Authoritah!"

Or a Kardashian.