By ostfae - 21/08/2009 20:13 - United States

Today, I was told by this big guy from school that I needed to stop stalking his girlfriend, and stop following her home from school. She's my neighbor. FML
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And she has way too high an opinion of herself.

Tell him you're her neighbor and that you're hittin' that ass harder than a drunk driver every night Then punch him in the jeans


Ouch, that really bites. Good luck!

Hit the gym and kick his ass seabass!

then tell him that she's your neighbor, i don't see the problem unless of course, you are a huge pussy

you deserve it for not hitting it she should be ur bitch not his dont be a bitch

I agree with #32, why are you on fml when you could just tell him you're her neighbour? afraid of being social? pussy.

Some guys get off on acting tough in front of their girlfriends, I have known bullies like this and if you tried to explain, he and his friends will jump you. That's how some douche bags are.

Kick his ass - even if he's a big guy. You may get your ass kicked but so what? You'll live. If not he'll go to jail or a very long time.

Tell him the situation and if he attacks you please try to take him down, jealous fuck.

And she has way too high an opinion of herself.

What a dumbass -.-

so just walk in front of her instead.

That's a good idea!

Why don't you just tell her you're gay and live three doors down from her?

that might not work word gets round quick in schools

Wow, she thinks she's special, huh?

oh sure shes your cousin (wink)