By Username - 27/12/2010 08:39

Today, I was told by my mom that I'm a terrible person because I won't help my brother get a girlfriend. He's gay, but won't tell her because he thinks it's hilarious when she yells at me. FML
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Just tell her then.. he deserves it..

Mom: Help your brother get a girlfriend. OP: I...can't. Mom: You're a terrible person for not helping. OP: No, it's complicated, mom! Mom: How could it be complicated? Find a girl for him to fuck! OP: Guy. Mom: What?? OP: I said "gay." Shit, I mean "guy." Shit, I mean..


that's not why he's not telling her..

YDI for smelling of cabbages.

Yeah what a family. I'll bet he already has a boyfriend and is just keeping him hidden. The next time it happens I would just say that he has no girlfriend because he chooses not to. I would then walk out saying that he will now explain why.

just tell your mom if u r tired of the yelling. if ur not, don't post on FML

YOU tell her he's gay.

so you tell her that he is gay next time. problem solved. man up.

Yell at her back.

mom I cant get him a girlfriend because he IS the girlfriend

Just tell her then.. he deserves it..

maybe there's more behind it, than just that, maybe he's afraid of her reaction?

no shit #19 that's the point.

if he tells her she'll say its an excuse especially if the brother denies it which it seems he will

That's so fucked up.

Your brother's mean, tell on him.

Or just let your mom know that you've tried setting him up on dates but none of your girlfriends are interested in dating a gay guy.(:

revenge of the gays

1. Get a gay porn picture. 2. Photoshop your brother's head on one of the men. 3. Show the picture to your mom. 4. ?????????? 5. Profit!

So, showing nude pictures of men to your mom isn't weird?

This is an example of "Troll Logic". 1) Showing nude pictures of men to your mom. 2) Showing nude pictures of your "Brother" to your mom. 3) Profit. 4) Getting your Photoshop privileges taken away.

I think it's genius.

4. photoshop your dad as another man on the picture

haha south park. underpants gnomes FTW

just tell her!!!!

That is definately not her secret to tell

So you tell her. See how funny he thinks that is.

Hide his glitter...and his dildo...

I think his dildo is already hidden in his pole vault.

I think you meant to say closet, since that makes way more sense.

he meant arse. his dildo is up his arse.

I find your name intensely offensive. I wish I'd though of it...

44, are you referring to me? It's not offensive. It's just a bunch of stuff I like and tried to squeeze in to a username! hahaha(:

Which just so happens to be a list of things black people are stereotyped for liking.

i think she was talking about the sexynator

Are you sure the only reason why your brother isn't coming out to your mom is to make fun of you? Maybe he's just afraid to come out. It's an important step in every gay person's life and it's not that easy. He might resent you if you out him, so I think the best thing to do is talk to him and convince him to come out. Or at least to leave you out of it.

nah. blackmail is so much more fun with your brother

Just tell her and if she don't believe you tell her it's not your responseibilty to set him up with someone.