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By  DocBastard  |  38

Mom: Help your brother get a girlfriend.
OP: I...can't.
Mom: You're a terrible person for not helping.
OP: No, it's complicated, mom!
Mom: How could it be complicated? Find a girl for him to fuck!
OP: Guy.
Mom: What??
OP: I said "gay." Shit, I mean "guy." Shit, I mean..

  EffinToofer  |  3

Yeah what a family. I'll bet he already has a boyfriend and is just keeping him hidden. The next time it happens I would just say that he has no girlfriend because he chooses not to. I would then walk out saying that he will now explain why.

  JamesMusicus  |  2

This is an example of "Troll Logic".
1) Showing nude pictures of men to your mom.
2) Showing nude pictures of your "Brother" to your mom.
3) Profit.
4) Getting your Photoshop privileges taken away.

By  bluefairy_fml  |  24

Are you sure the only reason why your brother isn't coming out to your mom is to make fun of you? Maybe he's just afraid to come out. It's an important step in every gay person's life and it's not that easy. He might resent you if you out him, so I think the best thing to do is talk to him and convince him to come out. Or at least to leave you out of it.