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Wow #129, you really are an idiot, aren't you?

Eating disorders aren't all anorexia. There is bulimia too (characterised as the presence of binge periods, and then excessive restriction/fasting/exercise/purging afterwards). Diagnostically, it's important for doctors to note that patients with bulimia may be very thin, normal weight or fat. And then there's EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified).

You can't fail at having an eating disorder, and nor should anyone be encouraged to 'work harder' at their anorexia! Eating disorders come in many forms, and all are definitely not fun to deal with. Eating disorder doesn't just mean starvation, it means DISORDERED EATING, encompasses a whole range of things.

  Carnivwhorus  |  0

So you got all of your friends together so you could tell them you have an eating disorder and how much more attention they should pay to you now. Then one of the more uncomprehending ones commented on the fact that you're fat. Do i have it straight?

Please get the hell over it now.


that's actually untrue.

an eating disorder doesn't necessarily mean someone is starving him/herself, it's just means there's a disorder in their eating patterns. So someone that eats too much or too greasy, can also have an eating disorder.

think before you speak, kthx.

  just_me_tmp  |  0

# 8 "kthx" You totally sound intellectual enough to listen to. Although I don't disagree with what you are saying, don't assume you're always right jackass.

  lem0n_fml  |  0

How the hell did unfortunate_13 "assume they were always right?" They made a good point, and just because they wrote "kthx," you're going to assume that they're a jackass?

  krnmafia92  |  0

#119 "Don't disagree" doesn't necessarily mean "agree." Hence, it is a valid statement. He just might not be taking a stance on the position, which he clearly isn't, merely posting to attack someone's quirks. Your grammar and spelling is also off. Think about this notion, before you attack someone's statement for errors.
#8 clearly, OP is talking about an eating disorder along the lines of anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge-eating rather than "I can't eat purple food!" Any commenter shouldn't have to be questioning of everything when certain things are implied. If I say that my shiny flashlight allowed me to read my book. It is implied that my flashlight is on and shining on my book rather than me reflecting light off the shiny material of the flashlight to see my book.

  Hugorgy  |  0

If someone has bulimia, they actually don't usually lose a noticeable amount of weight, but keep their normal weight, so the disorder is not easily detected. Open a book.

  angiechaton  |  0

Well she can easily be bulimic... most bulimics are normal to overweight because neither puking or laxatives is an adequate loss of calories... your body learns fast and after two or three pukes, it knows what to do. So imagine binging on tons of food and then puking it out only to have your body retain the calories before you can get it out; naturally, you would gain weight! And the reason people don't stop this even when they see they're not losing weight is because it is a form of ADHD (strong impulsivity) AND the body gets used to you throwing up all the time, so its hard to quit. Oh, and craaaaazy water retention.

  letitbe56  |  0

mystomachhurts- If someone who has binge-purge behavior is losing a significant amount of weight, they probably have binge-purge type anorexia, not bulimia. People with bulimia are generally of normal weight, or even somewhat overweight. People with binge-purge type anorexia tend to be clinically underweight and stop having menstrual periods (if they're women). There are other more subtle distinctions, but those are the main ones.