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that seems like a good tip to me.



that seems like a good tip to me.

The truth hurts and also no tip from your family.

At least it was your family and not some random strangers?

chase them into the parking lot and throw coffee mugs at them

It is a tip. Just not the kind of tip he was expecting.

monica lewinski didn't get the tip she wanted either, but you take what you can get

yay I moderated this one :)

Is this fml posted twice?

so, get a hair cut.

if they want u to get a hair cut, they should have left u a big enough tip to pay for the hair cut in my opinion..

To the barber shop we go!

I would've built a human sculpture with the ear wax, but that's just me. Whatever floats his boat.

WTF R U talking about?

Oh, wrong FML...

that sucks man how long is your hair?

And I thought a 'Waiter with long hair' was an Oxymoron!

Long hair don't care

Its unprofessional to have untidy/messy hair. I say YDI.

I agree with this disagreement.

I also disagree I think tht some types of long messy hair are attractive which makes me want to tip the waiter more

i'd say that's something most families with a sense of humour would do, try to see the funny side


8 - you are pretty

Well actually OP they DID leave a tip. In all seriousness though FYL.

Well, it *is* a tip. Just not the monetary kind :P

oh no mommy and daddy didn't give you a few dollars for bringing them their food. I doubt you tipped them when they brought you meals every day, so get over it!

How weird would it be tipping your parents for bringing home pizza bagels, or making food for you? It actually might be offensive. Mom-"Here's your food pumpkin." Son-"Thanks." *Slips a 5 dollar bill into her shirt* "Go by yourself something nice."

I didn't realise we were reading excerpts from Sirin's autobiography.

You shouldn't let your pubes hang out like that it disturbs the customers.

hahahahahahahaha NOT FUNNY

^ moron ^^ win lol