By MoxyR12 - 24/06/2009 15:33 - United States

Today, I was texting this guy that I really liked. Things were going pretty well. I got a call from his number and excitedly answered it. It was his girlfriend asking if he was bothering me because he likes to text random people when he's drunk. FML
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At least his girlfriend wasn't a bitch about it.

Well at least his girlfriend was considerate enough to call you.


No she was probably making it up b/c she wanted you to leave her bf alone

I feel like if she was telling the truth..then this is YDI..because you didn't realize he was drunk..or even ask what he was up to..which would have been to say he was drinking..and because you didn't know he had a girlfriend or at the very least that he was with her. when i text someone i generally will ask what they are doing or who they're doing said task with. good luck? O.o

lol but I doubt he'd say "oh hey I'm totally wasted right now.." and you wouldn't really know because you can't hear his voice.

you obviously have never gotten a text that says and i quote "YOOO drujnk so good it and dizzy now" eh. something like that.

Well, the boyfriend played it "right". bad that his girlfriend did not realize.

So you really like him, but failed to know he had a boyfriend? You just dodge a bullet, if he was trying to hide that fact.

freudian slip? he had a girlfriend

Or she is just dumb and didn't know he had one.

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Mads_1234 28

I think it's trying to communicate...

HAHA!! Well, at least she wasn't those aggressive girlfriends that get pissed off when their guys text other girls...but yeah I see how this is kind of an FML

fail for the guy's girlfriend.

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Wow #6. Firstly, no one cares. And secondly, you failed big time.

I meant to post this as a reply to #6 but something messed up.

that's what I was going to say

what did he say?

Whats with all the weird ydi comments?? That sucks op- I had something similar happen once. I was dating him tho ha ha

ydi = you deserved it, we dont care, not a big deal... pretty much anything other than FYL Im guessing alot of people think what happened wasnt terrible, but was partially a good thing

Now you know and can move on.