By AuraOfJustice - 12/03/2011 14:43 - United States

Today, I was texting a girl I like. Every message she sent came ten minutes after I sent her a message. When I told her "I've to go", she responded almost instantly with an "Ok, bye". FML
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Maybe if you worked up the balls to talk to her in person instead of being an impersonal fuck and just doing it via text, it might have a better outcome for you. That, or she just doesn't like you.

She's not interested in you, face it. Besides, it is so fucking annoying if someone keeps sending texts. Ugh.


You should take the hint.

I don't think she likes you. Find someone else to text.

sorry to say this but you should have known..... although, i dont think you deserved it..

Maybe if you worked up the balls to talk to her in person instead of being an impersonal fuck and just doing it via text, it might have a better outcome for you. That, or she just doesn't like you.

How on earth do you know if they don't talk in real life? Are you saying people should only text if they cannot talk in real life? Are you God to know and demand such things?! In other news, i hate people who don't text back instantly ¬_¬

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Well according to this 15 people think that you shouldn't text people. The people of FML are just so strange. Believe it or not, teenagers are well known for having conversations via text messages, and i don't see what the problem is.

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Honestly I'd rather talk to a girl in person than I would text her, I save that for when I'm not able to talk to her.

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You're right about texting being impersonal. But a lot of people are too afraid to talk in person or over the phone so they hide behind text messages.

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very true :)

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allmidnighteyes: I get what you're saying but your profile says you have over 2000 comments on fml. is typing on a computer keyboard really that different than on a phone keyboard? maybe OP was in a place where he couldn't talk on the phone.

I know when I get nervous texting people I take a few mins to mull over what to say. "OK, bye" could take less thinking. OP shouldnt read so much into it.

Typing up a comment on FML about a story is different from having a conversation with someone I know. I've also been on this site for almost two years now, so it's not like those 2000 were posted within the space of a week.

I don't know if it's just cause of my shitty social skills but I'm way better at texting and shit than talking cause I can think it out

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dude so true this generation is so into fucking texting and shit they can't even talk to someone face to face or over the phone even!! what is the world coming to?

calm your titties down, maybe op WASNT WITH HER at the moment.

i have full conversations via text with a girl I like, but that's because she's hearing impaired and it's basically the only way to communicate. but it doesnt matter these days, irl, txt, online its all the same anymore.

well maybe some people have other stuff to do... unlike you hanging with your friends 24/7

Midnight eyes or w/e your name is, you clearly are a retard. You act as if you have the best social skills of all time but you say you only talk online when you have to tell someone when you're almost there, minor talk, etc. Yet here you are in a engaging conversation about how this kid should man up and talk to her in person, so how does that make you any different because of the fact that you probably can't man up yourself and engage in a conversation like this IRL. And I doubt your social skills are far more superb than anyone in this conversation so please EVERYONE, stop sucking this chinese kids dick

I said I only use text messages to tell someone I'm close/leaving or for minor talk, not the internet. Texting =/= internet. I'm not glued to my phone all day. I come on FML when I'm online in my spare time between classwork and papers. I would be glad to say all of this to someone's face. I love talking with people and interacting in social situations. And I don't care how cocky I sound, I'm confident in the fact that I'm not socially inept/awkward to the point where I have to have an entire conversation with someone via a text message when I could call them or go see them.

So. What if the girl is the one who is too shy to use a phone call? What choice does OP have then?

Yet here you are again talking online, talking to someone through internet and texting is pretty much the same shit. The fact that you occasionally come on FML makes my mind wonder because most of the time I look at the comments, you have commented. Now I'm not saying you can converse like you do here, it's just that being this social means you're confident as fuck which I'm pretty sure you are not. And I can tell your social skills are not great for you are the kind of person that acts as if their social skills are incredible but when it comes to the real deal, you stutter. You're probably thinking, "Oh, this kid thinks he's the shit." Truth is, I'm not and I can admit when it comes down to it, I stutter.

HeartnSoul 3

hey asshole (allmidnighteyes). have you ever thought that perhaps the person txting the other has a life as well? You know some people can't be on the damn phone talking all day, with txt you just say what you need and put in your pocket and respond whenever, you dont have to have the phone glued to your ears. And as for the "talk in person" again, do you think people dont have lives to be driving around town talking to each and everyone one of your friends? thats by far the stupidest argument against texting. Say i come home from work at 8 pm and maybe i just want to listen to music or do something else? the thing about talking on the phone is that youre paying attention to that other person the whole time and like i said, with txting you just txt what you want and continue doing what you were doing. im not gonna call someone just to tell them a story when i can just txt it, if im gonna call for 5 min i might as well not call at all. basically my argument is that you can multitask with txting and thats an argument you cant beat.

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Ok now. You have to see change as it happens. Society isn't what it used to be. People honestly don't have time---no they have better use of it. instead of making 5min calls I could text that and type up/ do HW. I don't have to defend my social skills online (cuz that is the true sign of insecurity), but I have social skills. I can talk to anyone, but I even text to my closest friends. As valedictorian (now this is being cocky) I'm usually to busy to have a call. but a text can happen.

PhishloverA 14

#2 I don't know how your comment isn't buried, but maybe they weren't together so they were just texting at the time. Nothing wrong with it. Get over yourself

I'd just like to say that I text my girlfriend all the time..... The reason: I'm at home doing homework..... I'm bored..... And as a teenager don't have a car to drive to her house...... Now when it's the weekend or during break at school we talk to each other in person..... But when we live 15 miles from each other and it's a weekday texting is our way of communicating

You are implying that texting a conversation means you don't ever have real life interactions and conversations. Your logic is fallacious. Just because he was texting her does not mean he does not do other types of communication.

With idiots like you being complete over dramatic morons I don't know what the world is coming to. You are delusional.

Your social skills are so good that your an illogical condescending douche?

Damn who shat all over your hopes and dreams?

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thats fukked up man u cant talk to sum1 in person 24/7 nd duhh he talked to her in person or he wuldnt have her #

wendster101 0

hhmmmmmm sound suspicious=)

Sodahpop 0

sorry meant for the dude below

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Am I the only one that noticed that it should be 'I have to go' instead of 'I've to go'...

I've is an abbreviation for "I have". The apostrophe replaces the space and the ha. ...Really now?

john7h567hgrd 0

I know its an abbreviation but its extremely uncommon for it to be used in this instance.

Suspicious? Are you kidding me? This stupid teenager OP is reading WAY too much into it.

Alpha35 4

basically she doesn't want to talk to u..... so quit trying

reading a little too far into it aren't we?

BugsBunny1 4

Taking things too literal, aren't we?

I don't see y women need to hide all their intentions and expect guys to pick em up by tiny signs I think life would be easier without all this social shit

Yeah, you're applying shitty stereotypes to women and *they* are the problem... that makes sense.

lol sounds like the OP should just take the hint

y do u keep count?

your a loser

zadie 6

Oops! haha I think this might have been me! on several different occasions.... well, for the most part, when I do that, it's an accident, but honestly, if I really liked you, I would have been sitting by my phone anxiously waiting for you to respond, then responding before even a minute passed. so, sorry op, but the girl probably doesn't like you all that much. either that or you are reading way too much into this!

Maybe she was finally done being busy by the time you said bye?? Next time, have no mercy and continue to annoy the crap out of her!

I almost never respond instantly to texts. It's like an invitation to bug me, while expecting me to pay for half the conversation. If it's really important, call.

cradle6 13

10 minutes is nothing. Some people have lives and cant be staring at their phones constantly. Sometimes it take me 45 minutes to an hour to respond, it is part of text messaging.

Rachel5913 0

Haha true, never thought of it that way. But if she liked him she would have taken the time to reply immediately. I know i would have.

And I know I wouldn't have necessarily. Now that we have established that what you would do is not necessarily what others would do, and given that we know nothing about the girl in the FML, there is no way to conclude she's not interested in OP.

Rachel5913 0

Yeah true, it's also definitely easier to reply when someone says they have to go than trying to keep the convo going.

totally agree with you!

She's not interested in you, face it. Besides, it is so fucking annoying if someone keeps sending texts. Ugh.

I like having convos with ppl by txting

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Hmmmm.... maybe that's a sign

sportyfreaK15 0

not a good one

ChinaBabylove69 0

what sign that might be? it's call a stalker or a real pain on the ass .