By DestinedforHell - / Thursday 10 January 2019 10:00 / Canada - Brantford
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By  bluejello2001  |  14

OP I hope you heal quickly.
As for the dealership threatening to sue? I call bull. They should have insurance for test-driving vehicles for *exactly* this reason. Don't let them bully you into paying, just so they can avoid an increase in their insurance premiums.

By  RichardPencil  |  27

No, they are not.

First, they have insurance to cover that -- the car is still their property during the test drive. Secondly, the other driver is at fault and is the one liable for the accident.

I'm sorry the crash damaged your ability to tell the truth.

By  uberm0912  |  4

let them sue. they have insurance for test drives and it wasn't your fault to begin with. Besides, the other drivers insurance should he paying for the damage to the car and to you

By  ViviMage  |  38

Call their bluff. They really wanted to push a car sale onto you!

They have insurance on their own cars for exactly this reason until it leaves the lot (also why you need insurance so they can cancel theirs on the car someone just bought). And the jerk running the light is the one who will get the ticket, not you.

You can countersue the red light runner's insurance for pain, suffering and damages, and the dealer can work with the red light's insurance or the dealer's own insurance if all else fails.

And go shopping somewhere else next time!

By  rickAUS  |  20

New car dealership? Did you need to sign a waiver about paying something in the event of an accident regardless of fault? I remember having to sign one last time I took a new car for a test drive. If you did then I could understand them wanting that money.

But paying for the entire car is ridiculous for reasons already pointed out, like:
a) Not a fault so the other party's insurance should be paying
b) They should have insurance anyways, so even if 'fully at fault' or even 'jointly at fault' you should only be paying the excess for a claim

Hope you heal up well; sounds like it was a nasty accident.

By  naidanac  |  8

Dealerships are insured for a reason. The threat means nothing. as long as you were not negligent ( running a red light or something) there is nothing they can do.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  17

They would have to sue the person who jumped the light, it would be a waste of money to sue the person hit. Also, they would have to have insurance for such events.

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