By Anonymous - United States - Rochester
Today, I was telling my friends about a date I had recently that went badly, because the guy turned out to be a moron. I said the last straw was when I used the word "decipher" and was met with a blank stare. I was then met with more blank stares. FML
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  jazzy_123  |  20

how is that a small complaint? How do you expect for her to hold out a conversation with him if she wasn't amused? I know I'd get bored and "complain" to my friends the next day about how stupid he was.

  Welshite  |  39

Just because a person doesn't know one word doesn't mean s/he is a moron. I have plenty of friends and family who may not know the meaning of a particular word, but they aren't stupid. They ask and learn what it means.

I don't know what else the guy did during the date, but not knowing the meaning of a word shouldn't be "the last straw".

  Setareh23  |  34

@Welshite : I agree that not knowing one word doesn’t make you a moron. However I think that in a healthy relationship, you need to be intellectually compatible. I don’t mean you need the same level of book smarts or things like that. Just that they need to be “smart” enough to hold a conversation with you in which you can enjoy their company & respect their mind. If OP really values vocabulary and the dude did other things that made her feel they weren't intellectually compatible, I think it’s fine for her to see that situation as a “last straw” to a bad date.

However she shouldn’t have gone around calling him a “moron” to her friends later. Just because he didn’t fit her view of smarts, doesn’t mean he’s stupid or inferior to her. They will both be better off finding dates they can mutually respect! :)


Having a large vocabulary does not actually make you smart, it just makes you SOUND smarter. Anyone can memorize a few complicated words, it's not a particularly difficult skill. Stop pretending it makes you superior.

  barfcannon  |  24

Albert Einstein has a quote along the lines of "if you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough".
What I take from that is that using large words to talk to people who won't understand them is both stupid and elitist. Probably the opposite effect you're going for.


Oooor maybe they have their heads full of things like chemistry or rocket science instead of People magazine, and do not care about the size of their vocabulary because they have other things to do with their life. As I've written above, memorizing a bunch of words is pretty easy, parrots can pull that off. So please, stop judging people because they do not know the meaning of a word that you do.