By dooommage - France
Today, I was teasing my cat with a piece of string when suddenly my phone rang. I answered it with one hand and put the string down with the other onto my lap. The beast seized the opportunity to spring, claws out, onto my privates. FML
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By  ddrluna  |  2

Who else thinks that 10 needs to calm the shit down?

It's called playing with your pets. I suppose you'd rather just let them lay in a corner their whole life?

  Boomi  |  38

My brother is rough like that, and when he tried to chase the cats (he's three), he jumped on me. Let's just say I'm glad I'm a girl or it would've been much worse.

By  gs_fml  |  0

are u a fucking asshole or what????
NEVER tease a cat with string. one bite and u can pay for the surgery.
thats why people like u shouldnt own cats
or any other kind of innocent animal for that matter
YDI 100%

  hilda_kitty  |  16

I bet you're also a vegetarian and fully support PETA and think that lions and zebras can get along. Chill, don't you get teased by your friends in a friendly way? Same thing with a cat.

  WhitneyShehan  |  10

Actually, if you have ever seen the show, "My Cat From Hell," you'd know that you're 100% wrong. Cats become MORE aggressive when you don't play with them. Although, the host offers many toys for your cat to play with, I've never seen plain string. Which I'm sure would still be just as fine, just as a feather toy would be. He says on every show, that I've seen, that you need to play with your cat on a daily basis, working on their, "hunting" skills. As they would use them everyday if they were feral or non-domesticated animals. So slow your roll and know the facts before you flip out and go crazy with your, "YDI" rant.