By imnotastranger - 09/05/2014 03:01

Today, I was teaching my 4 year old daughter how to use "stranger danger". Later that day, we went out and since I didn't buy her a ice cream, she kept screaming "STRANGER DANGER!" A total stranger tackled me until the cops arrived. FML
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She screamed, you screamed, they all screamed for icescream.

Kids will do anything for ice cream.


larrena2377 26

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yeah, not good places, but places

Yeah kid is definitely going places lol Maybe to social services at that kind of a rate...

And get all the ice cream she wants :p

Sounds like the "YOU'RE NOT MY DADDY!" FML

CyberGothic 16

Definitely going places. Like her room. Till she's 18.

TheyCallMeDamien 17

Nope future politician. The WMDs are right over there.

she's going places not college but places

Kids will do anything for ice cream.

Yeah, she wasn't lying. There was a dangerous stranger there and he tackled her mother.

Or the stranger tackled her father

well, hopefully watching her dad get tackled because of something she did will teach the kid a lesson

Well if she found it entertaining, she'll learn to do this again, and again, and again...

Tratto 2

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

I'd do anything for ice cream too

MissStephanie 10

101, not if she gets a good ass whoopin when she gets home! My parents would never let me get away with anything like that when I was younger, and hell, I knew better.

She screamed, you screamed, they all screamed for icescream.

schhichick 14

she screamed stranger danger and the parent screamed from being tackled... for ice cream

WD_Stevens 22

There is actually an ice cream shop called Iscream near where I live. I thought it was genius (and the ice cream's pretty good as well)

Clearly one of the best comments. Ever!

You are raising a damn genius! ^.^

Drake_The_Dragon 23

Ice cream.... Parents worst nightmare.

That's from the show outnumbered.

pwnman 33

Seems like she was thinking - "I SCREAM, FOR ICE CREEEEEAM!".

I'll scream, they'll scream, if you don't get me ice cream!!!!

Better give her what she wants because she knows how to get it eventually OP

hope this is sarcasm. nothing like rewarding kids who do things wrong and reinforcing them to keep doing wrong bc they know theyll get what they want.

Listen to #14! You don't want to end up with a kid like Eric Cartman

#82, On FML it means "Original Poster," which refers to the author of the post.

Kids say the darnedest things.

Don't think that really counts considering OP's daughter was taught to say it...

Jgmarines was saying a line from an old famous tv show staring Bill Cosby and random kids.

That show is considered old.... That's it midlife crisis time. I already have to listen to "classic rock" or "oldies" to hear the music I grew up with. T-T

You're both too young to know what you're talking about! Cosby had a show for a couple lackluster seasons, but it was a remake of an Art Linkletter show segment that was on for 25 YEARS. Rookies!

RedPillSucks 31

^This guy is really old!

All of a sudden, I'm hearing the line in the Bowling for Soup song wondering when Motley Crue became classic rock and when did Ozzy become an actor. What's really scary is when the Muzak you hear in your office building is the shit you grew up with.

queenofinsanity 4

actually it was a show starring Art Linkletter. Bill Cosby did the remake.

RedPillSucks 31

Not sure why #85 is being thumbed down. This is correct. I guess too few people are old enough to be aware of the first show. EDIT: I guess because it was a repeat of #40?

Blackmailed by your 4 year old haha what a little shit