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Today, I was teaching a woodshop class. We were using power tools, including drills, and pieces of pine wood. While helping a kid to hold a piece to practice drilling, he went too far forward with the drill. It went through my hand. FML
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  TheTruth1428  |  0

In reply to #32

It's no excuse. He's a woodshop teacher, he should have known better then to stick his hand anywhere near where it could have gotten hit with a drill.

YDI for putting your hand in an unsafe place while someone with no skill with a drill was operating it.

  samhat  |  0

To #64.
To brace pieces of wood to to screw them together, its necessary to put your hands close to the drill. Shows how much you know about power tools and putting things together.


fuck off 64. he deserved to get his hand drilled? let's see you try to help a moron with powertools. sure op's a woodshop teacher but you don't actually think he put his hand in the way of the drill? the Moronic kid probly wasn't even listening to instructions.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Your an idiot for holding your hand on the other side of the plank. Thats what wood clamps are for!

So in summary, YDI and next time get a kid to hold it. ;)