By JJ101 - / Friday 19 February 2010 11:52 / Australia
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  caitivoltaire  |  0

Cant say I know if this is the case because I didnt see the comment, but particularly abrasive comments get blasted into the ether, rather than replaced with the moderated message, which is to say they get deleted.

  escualida  |  0

Actually I would say "good teacher". Probably most dance and gymnastics teachers encounter situations where their students get to be better than them, I would think it was the whole point of teaching...

  Masochistic  |  0

The way the FML is worded implies that she hasn't been teaching/training this group for a long period of time; it's as though the girl doing the pirouettes took her by surprise. ' p ' Having been dancing for 15 years and being still unable to do the pirouettes, I conclude CRAPPY TEACHER. :D

  seeyuhh  |  0

they are hard i can only do doubles but last year I could do triples almost consistently (i'm 12) and i've been dancefor about 5 years but my friend who's been doing dance for 1 and a half years can do 5!!! I'm like WTF?? but she works rlyyyyyyyy hard

  chingaso  |  0

Gtfo of here.... I can tell you're an immature girl just by your grammar, unnecessary repetition of letters and exclamation points and question marks.
This is not a website for 12 year olds
Not to say that my grammar is perfect, but yours just sucks balls.
Yes... It sucks balls.
Also don't constantly blabber about stupid irrelevant shit.

By  mshafty  |  0

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By  Mordred_fml  |  0

Naturally, everyone here is being an asshole. I think that, for some people, it just comes more naturally than others. Don't let it hurt your self-confidence -- just keep practicing it and congratulate your student for doing well!

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