By why - 14/03/2014 23:23 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was tanning nude in my backyard, when I took a picture of our dog lying in the grass and sent it to my dad. It was only after I looked at the picture indoors that I realized my nipple had made it into the picture too. FML
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Your father's life sucks

Capt_Oblivious 10

Nip slip


Capt_Oblivious 10

Nip slip

This FML would be so much worse if OP was a guy...

How? I'm pretty sure everyone has been to the beach and seen guys shirtless before.

Ummm exactly... 1) OP is (maybe) a guy and fretting about sending out a nipple shot; and 2) OP is a guy who tans nude in the backyard??

#21, don't you know? Gotta have a golden brown dick. Anyway, I'm pretty sure op's a girl.

jazzy_123 20

21, if OP was a guy who accidentally sent a picture of his dog with his nipple in it, his dad would only assume he was laying down shirtless. That's acceptable for society. However, I'm assuming OP is a girl, which makes a nip slip a big deal.

So the ultimate question is: is the original poster a guy or a girl? (Though a girl would make much more sense.)

TallMist 32

Professor Oak would like to ask OP a question...

Your father's life sucks

JMichael 25

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@35 hopefully not, because that would be beyond creepy. Unless your saying hes been waiting for a picture of her dog.

crackz12 10

35, you should probably not have any kids.

You sick fuck.

pretty sure OP's father should have posted this story with the caption, "I've failed a s a father."

side boob!

Nope, nipples are generally front and center.

#56, your picture makes this all the more informative.

shivamtrivedi 24

That's messed up. Always be careful while taking pictures.

...especially while nude.

Gee. It's great that op now has access to sage advice like this.

lexiieeex3 32

Better yet, don't take a picture while nude that isn't supposed to feature your birthday suit.

Fairly positive OP wouldn't keep and send that photo if she knew her nipple was in the shot..

Whatever, you probably did that on purpose. Everyone snaps a pic with a sneak of a nip these days... right?

Certainly not to your parents...

Yeah I always intend to send my father nipple pictures.

Do you intentionally send D-slips to YOUR dad?

Yikes, must be just me then. I need help. Either that, or I should be more conservative with what I say. My apologies. :U

JMichael 25

All the time 33. His dad enjoys my D pics. I sent him one the other day of my D dressed as Dracula.

I'm not quite sure people actually do that...

Initially, I was trying to show sarcasm in my comment. But, I suddenly realized how it's pretty hard to convey mood through the medium of text. I should've mentioned it at the end, but lesson learned the hard way.

I didn't think it was that hard to see the sarcasm. o.ó

Yeah, but most of the others didn't, or they didn't find my statement humorous. Like I said, lesson learned. And now I'll shut up, lol...

If you are a man: so what.........If you are a woman: so what too.......... I just hope no dog nipples were visible, now THAT would be something to be ashamed of!

6- Actually, I agree with you. It's not like her (his?) dad hasn't seen worse raising her, changing diapers and such. It was just a little skin, not hard core porn after all. ;p

Don't you just hate those moments you accidentaly send hard core porn you're staring in to your parents

Was the camera like on your face while taking the picture because it says you were lying down and he didn't see the rest of your body?

I was wondering the same. That's a random position to be tanning in OR taking a photograph. I still can't figure it out

b00kn3rd 14

A possible scenario would be if she were in a lawn chair and the dog was lying just below the edge. Then she would have to lean slightly over the edge and have the camera away from her and pointed down. But if she's leaning over slightly her nipple would be at the top of the picture if she didn't tilt the camera down enough.

im just trying to figure out how the camera was angled to take a pic of the dog in the grass plus a nipple too unless its a ninja nipple

A very high nipple

Probably propped against her chest for support

Maybe you can get away with saying it was something else?

Razi_tail 25

I was thinking the same thing.

Nice.. You should share the Pic...

Pics or didn't happen?

I'll second that