By Anonymous - 25/09/2016 04:13 - United States - Midland

Today, I was talking with a very attractive co-worker outside when a moth flew into my ear. I started screaming and hitting my ear because it was stuck and alive in my ear. I spent the rest of the day at the ER. I'm forever known as the moth lady. FML
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I've had this happen in my bedroom. It's best to remain calm and let someone remove it. It's quite hard though, given how loud something fluttering inside your ear is.

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Stay away from bright lights,


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Had almost the same thing happen (in Texas), with a roach.

I've had this happen in my bedroom. It's best to remain calm and let someone remove it. It's quite hard though, given how loud something fluttering inside your ear is.

I've always had problems with my ears, I couldn't hear for the first year of life so a loud fluttering bug in ear would cause me pain so I'd find it very hard to stay still, it could also damage the repair done by the docs, your advice is sound though really good, I just thought I'd add my story, hahahaha.

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#7 - It's... a moth. What damage is it capable of? And for the record, pour alcohol in your ear. It will kill the bug and dry it up so that it will be easier to remove.

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It can scratch your ear drum. I had a friend have the same issue, but she thought the moth was still there when she went to the emergency room. The moth had minorly scratched her ear drum, leaving her with the sensation the moth was still there.

#14 I hope you realize that animals no matter how small, can harm you if stuck inside you (say chew on your ear drum) and pouring alcohol in your ear will go directly to the brain and can cause ear infection hence why going swimming can cause ear infection. I wonder how you're alive thinking that information is credible.

That is horrifying.

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Stay away from bright lights,

Why would you hit it in if you are trying to get it out?

At least you can blame the moth for your behavior. Me? I once uttered the words, "My brain is retarded" to a co-worker I had a crush on. Long story. Don't you feel less silly now?

You think you can get away with just saying "long story" and not telling the whole story?

Well, like I said, my brain is retarded, so don't expect me to think good.

That's not a valid excuse for not telling the story.

Okay. Well, you see, what had happened was, I was having a hard time hearing him and kept asking him to repeat himself. I apologized and explained about my hearing disorder. My ears work fine, it's that my brain doesn't always process sounds correctly. He was teasing me (it was cool because we were friendly like that) and said, "So what you're saying is, you're retarded." I replied, "No, my brain's retarded" promptly followed by, "Wait! No! That's not what I meant!" Unfortunately he couldn't hear my correction over his laughing. Actually, it's not a long story. I'm just lazy, I guess.

That's not even a bad story. He probably thought it was cute/funny.

Ignore this comment. It was meant to be a reply. -.-

This happened to my dad years ago. But he was at our family's camp on an island at least 2 hours from the nearest dr.

It's not your nickname forever if you change jobs and omit the moth incident from your resume (that is not considered fraud). Otherwise, bribe some of your coworkers to morph your nickname to Mothra -- that was one bad-ass monster!

u shouldn't have lured it in there with the sweet smell of your ear nectar

The best thing to do is to remain calm and have baby oil poured into that ear until the flapping stops. When it does go to the ER to have it removed