By unlucky - South Africa
  Today, I was talking with a close friend (who is a virgin) about why he did not want to have sex with a prostitute. He told me that "It's not nice to know that the girl you are having sex with has slept with half the country", he then added "That is exactly why I would not have sex with you". FML
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  idkk42314  |  0

i totally agree wit u! tht was f*ing rude of him!!! I just can't help but wonder.. u prostitute or sumptin?? how the f wuld he know tht you had sex with tht many people?

  Stahn  |  0

#56, please cut both of your hands off so you can never type your thoughts and put them online for me or anyone else to read. I doubt I'll ever stop by the pit of stupid you live in, but in case I ever come within earshot of you, please bite your tongue off too so you never say anything ever again.


what is with u people commenting on this just so ur comments aren't so low down? the the non-douches who don't do that but are actually quicker to post don't get noticed. selfish

  spoo  |  24

cookie monster... i was skimming through some other fmls and I see that seems to be a common response for you... just because you arent a fan of the ladies doesnt make women bad

wait, his comment disappeared.. does a thumb down hide it completely for you?

  spoo  |  24

? FherL, I don't agree with double standards....

women should pay for 1/2 the dates
and men shouldnt get fussy if women follow the same approach to sex that they do


This post struck me the same way. Something is just off about who is inquiring about what and why. However, if true, agreed- sounds like his shields went up because he wants what he perceives he can't have. Cards are played right, I don't remember the last time a female inquired about why I didn't want to have sex that didn't end up in fantastic sex with said female. Poor bastard.

  d10  |  0

Yes, I have seen a lot of people who thought that being miserable is ok as long as it is the hardest way.
Actually the easiest way is to sit within your own shell and call all others sluts so you do not need an explanation why they do not care about you.

  FarSide  |  22

Only the retarded Americans care what the rest of the World thinks.

The intelligent Americans don't give two-hoots in hell what the World believes.

  bexox  |  0

Are you kidding? South Africa is very populated. I'm sure you'd also be surprised to know there is a large population of whites.
Also, AIDS is very rampant there, so if that's what he is concerned about, I don't blame him for being cautious.