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Today, I was talking to my tattoo artist about how my girlfriend broke up with me. She had also gotten her tattoos from him, so they had talked quite a bit. He told me she had been cheating on me with her ex for two and a half months. He didn't tell me because he didn't want to lose business. FML
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FYL for having a whore for a girlfriend, but it's not his place to tell you she was cheating.

It's business, nothing personal, son.


wow that really sucks dude :/

nice boxers(:

doesnt wanna lose business from DIS DICK


your comments have nothing to do with #1's comment.

dont bitch it was tatto artist confidentiality. people will spill the beans to anyone that's got you strapped to a chair with a needle in hand.

as I was reading this FML, I was thinking the tattoo artist would turn out to be the 'ex boyfriend'

what 105 said.

52, I thought that too as I read. but the outcome turned out to be funny lol sucks for op doe

11, put a shirt on. thanks.

11, put a shirt on. thanks.

why does it say, "he told me'... he didn't tel me'"

Thats what I want to know. It does suck that he had to find out from his tattoo guy, but...I am so confused.

#124 and 126, not too bright huh? The artist told OP after OP already found out about the gf cheating. When OP said "he didn't tell me" OP meant the artist didn't tell him before OP knew the truth.

sorry man what type of tattoo u got?

OP was covering up her name. He and the ex got "matching" tattoos, but she got hers in Sanskrit. OP thought it was his name, but it was really her other boyfriend's. That's how the artist knew. Shame on you, hypothetically capitalistic and unethical tattoo artist. Shame. ò.ó

42 where the hell does it say that? op could be getting a tattoo resembling a née chapter of his life or something. not nessecaairily a name tatoo coverup. maybe op and his now ex gf went together to get tattoos.


that would suck finding out like that. sorry opp!

It's business, nothing personal, son.

"Go to the mattresses."

I imagined the intonation when you speak these two phrases and it made me smile! :D

YDI for dating a whore

ydi for being emo.

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Do you guys mind please keeping your private conversations to yourselves? That's what private messages are for, so please just stick to the FML.

that's so weird 86... why don't you STFU.

86, have you ever considered the opportunity that FML has mobile versions which aren't provided with PM option? I'm on my iPhone and I can't send or read any PMs. Now what 87 said, stfu.

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87 and 90, what's with all the hostility? I was asking nicely.

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97, I'm sorry if my reply seemed hostile to you, I didn't mean it! But you already know the reason we can't have our convos in private.

You can use PMs on an iPhone. It's called Safari.

103, Safari is just the same Internet browser. And I don't want to jump from Safari to the app and vice versa. Neither does anyone, it's inconvenient.

You can use PMs on an iPhone.

what #95 said. =p

What happened to isabella3? Did she get banned? :(

FYL, that's really suckish, sorry dear((:

FYL for having a whore for a girlfriend, but it's not his place to tell you she was cheating.

That tattoo artist is a jerk. He's going to make his fellow tattoo artists lose the "moral authority" image. I mean if you can't trust a tattoo artist can you really trust anyone?

What? He's a tattoo artist, not a psychologist. There is no "doctor/patient confidentiality." If your secrets got spilled bc you told them to your tattoo artist, then YDI for assuming so.

Right over your head...

Aw :( I'm sorry if your tattoo artist is the only person you can trust in your life. I take back what I said.

HAH You're right. Right over my head LOL Sorry, but sarcasm doesn't always manifest the way it's intended online ;) as we see ever so often on FML comments.

Hahaha!! And ya what did he expect his tattoo artist to tell him? it's not his business in the first place sheesh

that sucks!

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