By Marie Foster - United States
Today, I was talking to my online therapist about my problems with relationships, mainly that guys only want sex and don't listen to me. After I'd confided in him, and told him how I felt about my issues, he told me he would marry me and have my children. FML
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By  Henry8cooper  |  15

There are two kinds of men. Those who pretend to listen while they wonder how to get sex real fast - and those who don't pretend to listen - I wonder which category your online therapist is in? Maybe try a female online therapist.

By  Todd Klopfer  |  11

I know OP probably don't read responses but for any of you that find yourself in similar situations please screen shot the conversation and immediately report this behavior to the company he is working for and to the government office regulating professionals in your area. This is abuse.

By  Sinshine  |  27

Online therapist? Is that from that website they've been advertising all over YouTube a while back? Better get a proper therapist instead of that shady online stuff.