By Girl123999 - 04/03/2009 23:07 - United States

Today, I was talking to my mom. During the conversation she asked me, "Does he take his leg off when you guys are having sex?" Referring to the guy I've been seeing who has a prosthetic leg. My dad then asked, "Does he beat you with it too if you've been naughty?" FML
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Quite honestly I appreciate the twisted humor =-)

your dad is kind of awesome =P


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So it's rude for parents to have a sense of humor? My god, what is the world coming too?

how is that "fucking rude"??? they had a sence of humor or even a simple case of being ceriouse boo hoo not that hard to get over the min. of akwardness

whats wrong with parents making light of the situation! she should count herself lucky his dick even works! :L

Get a sense of humor.

yur parents r awsome. thts great.....

what's "rude" about that he was kidding? I wish mine could joke like that

i like his name, (#1), deciever not reveiced it is reveiced backwards. nifty.

It's rude. Is it not rude when someone says "go kill yourself" and they're 'just kidding'? No. It's not. Same thing right here.

If it's funny within the context of the joke and it's between family and close friends, then no it isn't.

Quite honestly I appreciate the twisted humor =-)

I have to say, getting a mental image of some dude beating his girl with his prosthetic leg during sex is quite hilarious. If you imagine what the guy's face would look like while doing this, makes it even more hilarious. I practically died laughing...

Freaking hilarious, I gotta meet OPs dad one day.

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honestly I thought both comments were freaking hilarious!


your dad is kind of awesome =P

You mean a BAMF? No? Okay. . .

lmao. Your parents sound like freaks.

He does indeed sound awesome.

I don't really see what's so bad about that. At least you know that they don't have a problem with you guys having sex!

haaaaa!!!! lmao. really kinda funny.

Ha ha funny! Though if you wanted to be a sarcastic bastard back you should have said "No, but if you want I can borrow it from him to put the foot up your ass"

I don't really think this is a FML. I think it's hilarious! xD