By lucy_g - 02/11/2013 05:06 - United States

Today, I was talking to my boyfriend, feeling pretty low. I said something along the lines of "You like me even when I look like shit." He replied, "Ah, that's just how you naturally look." FML
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Don't fish for compliments.

I don't see the problem here. He admitted that he likes you all the time, even at your lowest. Even though you think you look bad, either he doesn't or it doesn't matter to him. Either way, you win.


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That's really insensitive sorry OP :(

yeah he doesn't seem very nice

Maybe he was just trying to express that she didn't look like shit, she was just looking like she would naturally. The idea wasn't expressed very well, but I don't know too many people who would comfort a significant other by purposefully insulting them.

Actually, though he sounded like a douche, I really don't think he meant to say that. He probably meant something along the lines of, "you just woke up, so it's okay if you look like shit."

I agree with 17, I initially understood it as OP thinking she looked like shit all the time, but her boyfriend thinks otherwise. It's possible that he did not realize that his response sounded really bad, specifically to her thinking she looks like shit. Sort of like, if she were to say, "I spent an extra hour looking gorgeous for you" and he would reply the same way. I don't think he was trying to insult OP.

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at least you now know he doesnt like you just for your looks?

Hey, at least he's honest!

Hey if we really want to be honest no matter what he said would of been and FML. We never know what girls want to hear so we try our best and girls make it sound horrible no matter what. Honey how do I look? Beautiful! OH SO I DONT LOOK BEAUTIFUL ALL THE TIME.

I assume silence would have worked better

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honesty doesn't always mean you have to be an asshole.

Brace yourselves lads. Comments about a shitty situation INCOMING! *puts on helmet*

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Nothing you can do will prepare you for your barrage of thumbs down

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3- You are the only one on this entire thread who made that connection.

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Hopefully that was just a poor attempt to cheer you up.

I hate your profile picture.

Not really doing a good job at raising your self esteem.

Maybe it's time to find a new bf?

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Not really something to break up for...

Maybe it's time OP updated her sarcasm detector, seems her model is out of date.

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6- Jesus H. Christ. Will people on this website break up over anything? "He was looking in that girl's general direction." Break up. "She was looking at another guy's Facebook profile " Break up. If saying something like OP's boyfriend did, ( which he probably didn't realize was an insult) will cause you to break up with someone, please, for the sake of humanity, don't have a spouse or significant other.

Welp time to find a new boyfriend!

No. No it's not.

Hopefully he was kidding! if he wasnt, time for a new boyfriend

What the hell?! Why would that even seem like a possibility... Guarantee he was joking. It's not like he said. "nah babe you always look pretty shitty I just deal with it" she's probably in a crappy mood and the boyfriend made a bad joke.

you guys must not understand my comment. if a.boyfriend said to his girlfriend that she honestly looked like shit, she should break up with him. OPs boyfriend was probably kidding I agree with that

at least he still likes you!

Unless it was followed by an "I'm kidding" I would highly recommend reconsidering how the relationship is going.