By Respect101 - / Thursday 26 June 2014 00:20 / United States - Alvin
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  evilscorpi  |  29

he can't fire her over that! ...right???.. And if I was listening to the convo, I would have automatically said to the boss....."oooo she burned you. " lol force of habbit

  BSnapZ  |  21

Or warned, at least. I don't know what the employment laws are like in other parts of the world, but in NZ you can't get fired for one statement like that...

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Can't they fire him for "inappropriate behaviour" or a "bad attitude"? I though that those were 2 reasons a boss was allowed to fire someone? Could be wrong or maybe it's only in some places.

  PegLegRacing  |  33

A lot of people fail up, actually. For some reason their bosses think "they'll apply themselves if I give them more responsibility." They are usually wrong, but I've seen it a million times.

  wGx14  |  12

The comma should be a semicolon #75. It's separating two phrases that can stand alone as sentences, making #3's comment a run on. The comma could also be changed to a colon and it would still be grammatically correct. It all depends on how you want to phrase things.

  cakefete2  |  30

Imagine this follow up. "Hey, this is OP, I wrote this FML in line at the unemployment office when a guy asked me how I lost my job. Well at least I have my own FML. Look for the silver lining, right?"

By  threer  |  30

Hey, that was a pretty good burn anyways. Like, damn.

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