By Respect101 - 26/06/2014 00:20 - United States - Alvin

Today, I was talking to my boss about dogs and cats. I'm a dog person; he's a cat person. He told me that he likes cats better, because they are laid back and don't do anything all day. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, "Just like you?" FML
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inner_peace 19

Loose lips sink ships, OP.

That's a good way to get fired.


inner_peace 19

Loose lips sink ships, OP.

I really hoped OP didn't get fired... Although with the circumstances, he probably did. Let's just hope his boss has a good sense of humor!

he can't fire her over that! ...right???.. And if I was listening to the convo, I would have automatically said to the boss....."oooo she burned you. " lol force of habbit

Well she isn't wrong, people's pets often describe personalities. She is impulsive and spontaneous, just like a dog. :)

good save there @62

you guys realize that OP is a guy right?

That's a good way to get fired.

Or warned, at least. I don't know what the employment laws are like in other parts of the world, but in NZ you can't get fired for one statement like that...

nlm92 15

Dog people... Smh

That can't be the technical reason an employee is fired but you don't want to be on your boss's bad side because they might look for a reason to fire you.

Can't they fire him for "inappropriate behaviour" or a "bad attitude"? I though that those were 2 reasons a boss was allowed to fire someone? Could be wrong or maybe it's only in some places.

RedPillSucks 31

This is US, Texas. They can fire you for breathing the wrong way.

vic55jets 13

That's why they're the boss, they worked their ass off to get there. Hopefully he found it funny.

not true, some climb the ladder by kissing ass.

zebrainthenight 13

Or by knowing someone who can get you there whether you deserve it or not

LittleRed79 39

3, you win the Internet today for managing to use all the correct forms of they're/their/there in one sentence. Thank you!!

way to go 3, now u poot da gramma natsees out of work!

A lot of people fail up, actually. For some reason their bosses think "they'll apply themselves if I give them more responsibility." They are usually wrong, but I've seen it a million times.

titandesu 14


I just gave one person back their job!

#24, He may have used there, they're, and their correctly in one sentence, but that sentence is also a run-on. So close.

Got to hate them grammar nazis right #42?

What are you on about #68? I see a comma and period used correctly in #3's comment. No run-on there.

The comma should be a semicolon #75. It's separating two phrases that can stand alone as sentences, making #3's comment a run on. The comma could also be changed to a colon and it would still be grammatically correct. It all depends on how you want to phrase things.

mvc3ftw 17

Is this English 101?

JMichael 25

So do you still have a job?

This FML is not complete At the end the manager said: just like you now

I hope he has a sense of humor, OP. :/

zebrainthenight 13

I do stuff like this way too much! The worst part is trying to unawkwardly make it sound like a compliment after... This needs a follow up!

Imagine this follow up. "Hey, this is OP, I wrote this FML in line at the unemployment office when a guy asked me how I lost my job. Well at least I have my own FML. Look for the silver lining, right?"

Fired? Sounds about right.



Think before you speak.

I think he made the right choice of speaking prior to thinking. This is amazing.

threer 30

Hey, that was a pretty good burn anyways. Like, damn.