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Your drunken hookup didn't turn into a fairytale ending? Huh.

Well you did drunkenly hook up so what did you expect was going to happen?


He isnt worth it. Trust me

You slept with him in a drunken mishap too? Golly, does that boy get around.

You should of said "don't worry I was thinking the same thing"

Doesn't matter, had sex.

Well you did drunkenly hook up so what did you expect was going to happen?

Are you saying a drunken fumble isn't the way to meet your soulmate? :o

It's possible but not the most logical way anyway.

I dunno, would you hook up and start a relationship with a person that you could only get laid with after being shit-faced?

I hope the feelings flew out the window OP, I'm sure there's someone better for you!

Your drunken hookup didn't turn into a fairytale ending? Huh.

The best way to a fairy tale ending is to be on the same page from the "Once upon a time." Otherwise you just end up giving a fairy tale "happy ending."

he sounds like the epitome of drunken mistake ditch him. now

I feel like this is what happens when people grab a thesaurus and start replacing words instead of being clear with the original thought.

This might end up being good for you. I mean what friend wants their best friend sleeping with their brother anyways

Ross, Chandler, and Monica suddenly popped into my head.

What would it matter? One of my friends asked my sister out but she declined. Had they gone out it wouldn't have bothered me because obviously I like him because he's MY FRIEND!

My sister's best friend asked for permission to see my brother, and when my sister pointed out that she'd be coming over to see my brother and not her, she said she wouldn't start seeing him. They've been together 5 years now and they still argue.

He shouldn't play with your emotions like that. That's just a horrible thing to do. FYL OP. Hopefully you'll find someone better.

"drunken hookup" I participate in drunken hookups frequently and there's never an expectation for a relationship. I call them an uber and hardly ever remember their names. If you want a relationship with someone, hooking up with them drunkenly is not the way to go. She's just as responsible as he is.

#10 if they hooked up while they were drunk I don't know what OP was expecting but a relationship should not have been it

Then that was a year some other guy watched and crushed on you while you chased some asshole

#11 I feel like there's a story here.

#11 Who hurt you?

He's saying that during the year of OP liking this guy, someone else possibly liked OP and could've been turned down because they weren't this guy, or just never tried.

Yeah it's the story line to every rom com/hallmark movie. Just without the life threatening disease.

Don't take it personally op. You aren't going out and he doesn't want rumours.