By uglyswimmer - / Thursday 23 April 2009 01:58 / United States
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By  TydusArandor  |  0

What's wrong with that girl? Someone tells her that they thinks her brother is hot, and she goes and tells her brother right away in front of the girl? Sounds kind of rude to me.

  LoZelda123  |  20

Regardless that's a really terrible shot to your self esteem, no matter how old you are. There are far better ways to indicate you aren't interested in a person.

By  arichi  |  0

You don't even know what she whispered to him. It might have been something unrelated to you, deliberately disgusting, to get you to think he was referring to you. Long story short (too late), yes, this story is f-ed, but for what it's worth, he might not think you're ugly.

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