By Oops - Australia
Today, I was talking to a female friend online. She was typing out a story bit by bit about how awful she was feeling after being teased. I was responding with "So, so true" but because of my slow typing it appeared after she wrote, "Doesn't help being fat." FML
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  xsw33tyx101  |  0

are you completely stupid? people talk to their friends online the whole time! It;s a freaking way to communicate, why else would people have created, Facebook, MSN, AIM... Need I go on?!

  themikal  |  0

Amerikkka needs to understand that 60% of adults are overweight and/or obese.

Not to mention 16% of childeren are obese.

the numbers may have changed since I last researched, but it's about there.

  Laura21608  |  0

Yeah, I hope you explained what happened. if so then this isn't really an FML. Plus she was probably just saying she was fat so in return you could give her a compliment.

By  perdix  |  29

What is it with all the kerfuffle about telling fat people they are fat? It's like the elephant in the room -- it's obvious! It's not like telling someone they are boring -- that's a subjective opinion. Scales and giant-sized clothes are a pretty good indicator that someone is F-A-T!

  Tripout  |  0

ROFLMFAO  THIS is actually true  I like to eat at my fat friends' houses all the time. they have the best things ever. some things that I never even heard of or seen 

By  killabee  |  0

Sounds like the appropriate thing to say. You could've also added on a "and I don't think it helps peoples perception of you when all you do is bitch. :("

  killabee  |  0

I think it was more the "typing out a story bit by bit" part that I was talking about. Like she is going on a novel sized rant about the meanies. Boo-hoo.
Also, suck it.

By  blastvortex  |  3

Um... easy to explain; easy to forgive. It's not like it shouldn't have been obvious anyway, unless she's has some serious narcissism problems (which, given your story, could be entirely possible since she does have some pride issues). It hardly warrants an FML though, if at all.

By  expen_dable  |  0

I love how on FML you get sympathy when you kill yourself slowly with fattening foods and no exercise, but you get "YDI BITCH" when you kill yourself slowly with cigarettes