By annonymous - 19/09/2012 06:24 - United States

Today, I was talking on the phone with my crush. After an hour of talking she told me, "If you were half as hot as you sound over the phone, I'd date you immediately." Maybe I should give up on love and start a phone sex line. FML
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Maybe you should.

spekledworf 18

Aw she sounds pretty shallow. Sorry OP


Maybe you should.

She's obviously shallow. You deserve better.

OP's got a love that keeps them waiting.

Get to it! More money, Less Hassle.

But you have to be careful, so you don't get hearing aids!

I actually wear hearing aids and that's one of the funniest things ever.

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Op should try and see if he can change his appearance. Maybe he can start with his hair. Is it oddly shortened or have no style? Maybe he doesn't wear nice outfits and just random stuff? Idk what Op looks like. I was just trying to suggest things.

Maybe you should blind him.

wtfgrl128 3

Maybe a make over???

Or find somebody who likes you for who you are? -_-

agonydrum 7

Or possibly both, keep in mind not many people want to grab a diamond covered in excrement, metaphorically

It could just be a mater of confidence. Maybe a makeover isn't such a bad idea. OP, get some new clothes and a different hair style and maybe that will give you the self esteem boost you need. Even if she still isn't attracted to you after that, it's a good thing to do just for yourself every once in a while :)

PhishloverA 14

I was about to post the same thing #2 but OP should find somebody who likes him for him

spekledworf 18

Aw she sounds pretty shallow. Sorry OP

It's definitely shallow but one can't help but to be curious as to what his voice sounds like. Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but give me your number so I can hear you maybe?

crazytrain10110 1

I have the opposite problem

Gee that's nice. You want a cookie?

So you have a phone sex line and want to give it up for love? Good call.

46- naw women want to date him until they hear his terribly stupid voice.

Thanks for clearing that up, 60...

if you can hold her interest for an hour, you can close the deal. dont push, don't rush, just be clear and persistent

Not true. He could hold conversation's for days with her and once she "friend zoned" him there is about a 99.9% chance he will never get out.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Doesn't seem like a 'friend' to me. She's way too rude. I'd say the OP should get a new crush that thinks he's cute the way he is.

Maybe this is because I'm a woman, but I really don't understand the friend zone thing. I'm in a relationship right now, but if it ever ended, I wouldn't stick my nose up to men I'm already friends with. Even if I wasn't attracted to them in that way I might give it a chance if the guy is interested. I'm tired of this stereotype that women only go for a certain type of guy and anyone else that they are friends with aren't "dating material" and somehow victimized because the woman doesn't want to date them. I have some advice to men who think they have been "friend zoned." Stay friends and move your attention to a different woman who is attracted to you, sorry that women can choose who they want to date -.-

True friendzoning is actually when the girl tells you she thinks you are an amazing person andd everything she wants in a guy, but she just wants you as a friend.

Maybe she wasn't trying to be rude. In fact, maybe she was saying that OP's voice is just so sexy that there is no way his(or possibly her) looks could ever compete?

Some girls love men with sexy voices. You got something going for you op, just wait till they come to you :)

Now, when you say 'come'...

I was helping a customer over the phone. He had never met me, but he asked me out for coffee just because my voice sounded "sexy" to him. I can't be sure if he would have been disappointed if he met me for real, but i took it as a compliment. Your crush talked with you for an hour...I think she likes more than your voice.

Don't worry, you'll find a guy who will think you're very attractive in person, not just over the phone.

Except OP is interested in girls.

Reading comprehension, people. READING COMPREHENSION.

Sounds like NewMemoriesFade quickly for you, too.

She sounds like a shallow b*tch

perdix 29

You should! With all the money you earn, you can buy all the donuts, sweatpants, cat food and heavy-duty couches you want.

Hahaha that made my day.