By Marcela - 18/03/2009 13:47 - United States

Today, I was taking a shower with my new boyfriend for the first time. Last night was the first night we spent together. As I was washing my hair, I looked down at my feet and noticed yellow water. Some of the warm water I felt on my feet was not from the shower head. FML
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don't lie, that's hot.

at least you know urine his heart :D


don't lie, that's hot.

he is marking his territory this is a good sign :)

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at least you know urine his heart :D

ha ha that's funny^

dont be so ungrateful

222 Idk if that makes me wanna laugh or cry

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Just tell him you're not into watersports, lol

pft, you shoulda knelt down and let him give you a golden shower


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well, at least he's comfortable around you!

yeah. next he'll be farting w/ u in the room

farting on you*^

yall are nasty. that is an FML. would you want a girl to take a piss on you? didn't think so.

#6 - maybe.........

personally i prefer the shit

I wouldn't mind if a girl oases on me :0

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#6 actually yes I would

first comment that makes sense. lol

Let's get real. That is NASTY! LOL. Be sure to speak up and tell him not to piss when you are in there.

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totally agree with #5..

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everyone pees in the shower...

he's just marking his territory ;)

I wouldn't say it's nasty, but it shows he's comfortable around you. If can't handle it or don't want to, tell him not to do it when he showers with you. Simple as that.