By Anonymous - 29/08/2009 04:10 - United States

Today, I was taking a shower outside at my fiancé's beach house. I was struggling to take my bikini bottoms off so I started to walk backwards to step out of it. Little did I know that I had pushed the door open. My fiancé, his family, and my family all saw me bend over naked. FML
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So did Dad give Junior a thumbs up?

Comments he loved it ;)


Umm why is everyone asking if shes hot??? if she can't even get her bathing suit bottoms off. im gonna say at least 3 people mistaked her for a beached whale that day!! lmao

That's not so nice. If I were you I wouldn't go around insulting overweight people.

you know his dad came over and high-fived him right after that

22 made me lol ;D

#22 or, she could be having trouble because she actually has an ass

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Ohhh was it the teeny weany yellow polka dot bikini

i wish i was there

You know, you could shower with your bathing suit on and undress in there, right? I'm just being harsh. I hope they were able to take in the full ocean view. (;

So did Dad give Junior a thumbs up?

That's so wrong, lmao.

YDI for taking a shower outside naked in the first place.

so what, every one of them seen naked human body before. its ridiculous how society supports false pretentious morals and hypocrisy

it's not common in the us to see another's naked ass. it'a also embarrassing and everyone looks different naked. I just don't see the hypocrisy in her fml...