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Today, I was taking a shower for the first time in my new apartment. The shower head broke off the wall and slammed onto my head while spraying water everywhere. I tried to stop the water but only stopped the cold and got burnt by the hot. FML
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  Stupified  |  0

Ydi for calling yourself a homeowner and living in an apartment. That's not a home and ydi for not being careful and Ydi for not having the shower/shower curtain closed.

  nishant5456  |  0

it could have been a lot worse, the shower could have had some type of chemical acid which burned your skin and now you can't move.

But since that DIDN'T happen, get over it.

  fistnazal  |  10

katythemmuhfuh'indittiesperry! goodness!

all I can think about is that scene in liar liar when he's in the elevator...

"mah mah" **nipple sucking sound**