By littlefella - United States - Novato
  Today, I was taking a piss when a old lady somehow managed to wander in. She blushed, chuckled and apologized, "Sorry, little fella!" before leaving. I don't know what size she was commenting on. FML
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By  MrKento11  |  12

You shouldnt give to much attention to stuff like that. I began to be much more comfortable with myself when I understood that my dick was under average size, and thats life. Just love yourself, dude. Cheer up. At least somebody blushed by the sight of your penis.

By  cootiequeen4444  |  11

Honestly while there's a chance it was your dick size, unless she is one of those atypical bad ass foul-mouthed grannies, it probably had to more to do with your age... granted if you are let's say 35 or younger. and/or maybe your height? if you are short, then c'mon, you know it was the old lady thinking you are some kid (aka little fella) and you are just writing this FML because that whole scenario sounded bad/funny. As someone said, you probably know the answer to the question you are asking...