By Anonymous / Monday 13 January 2014 07:34 / United States - Ewa Beach
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  OctoDope  |  15

Indeed it is, Ive patented a few trick shots over the years like "the long shot", "through the legs", and "death from above", the final one you stand on any object higher than the throne and take aim.

  TheTacoMan  |  24

#61 there is a reason, if you don't get the reason, then you may be a little to young for this site. (Hint: boobs are arousing to men and penises are arousing to women)

  OctoDope  |  15

It would be unfair to the fly at that point, The fly should bring a pal and make it like a deathmatch... flies win if they can successfully land on and clog the urethra.

  OscarDV  |  8

Hitting flying flys with your stream is like the Olympics. I'm sure they'll be trained enough to avoid each others. I, on the other hand, maybe literally, would probably pee all over myself with my aim =/

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