By jacked - 02/10/2009 23:32 - United States

Today, I was taking a group shot with my friends when I asked a stranger to take the picture for us. He backed up and told us to squish closer together, and when he was at least 20 feet away, he turned and ran off with my camera. FML
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Amysbodybetrayal 0

See, that's why you look for strangers will chubby little kids to take your pictures. 1- They'll be slowed down by carrying the chubby kids in their arms or 2- The chubby kids will be too slow to keep up with their family and you can use as a trade to get your camera back. Unless the family wants the camera more than their kid. Then you have a problem.

chillbro69 0

at least you still have the battery charger and usb cable


caticaticati 3

I'm confused as to why everyone is saying they deserve it for giving their camera to a stranger, since about 80 or 90 percent of the people I know are willing to give the camera to a stranger. Although they DO usually pick someone with a family or in a couple at least. But still. -shrug-

But where are they willing to do this? I mean, I live near Niagara Falls, in Canada. You can give your camera to pretty much anyone there without them running off. Hell, I've been handed one a couple times and gave it back. But this FML is from California, which is a completely different story.

I live in California too, and people do this all the time without it getting stolen.. well it depends what area you are in. DON'T DO THIS IN OAKLAND PEOPLE!

Yup, I always go for someone who already has a camera on them, or looks like they're rich enough to have a better camera than me.

Null, people don't run off in Niagara Falls with your camera, because most of them (well in the summer) are tourists anyways and have their own cameras. =) But don't give your camera to someone in Hamilton, or Toronto. THEY'LL take it for sure (especially if it's a homeless guy).

Yeah, there's that, but it's a pretty rich area so even the locals won't steal a camera. Plus, every time I've been, there's usually at least one cop car stationed with a view of the whole boardwalk. I had a t-shirt stolen from me in Toronto though. And I DIDN'T even hand it to someone!

King_of_Kings 3

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You totally deserve it you stupid idiot! Do you not know that America is in one of the biggest financial crisis's since the Depression of the 1920's? Of course some needy person is going to run off with your camera you stupid ass!

Also, thieves and stupid people never existed before the financial crisis.

#18 WIN. Also, this FML seems a blatant rip off of Nation Lampoon's Vacation.

YDI for re-enacting a scene from National Lampoons

iSmellNice 2

That's what I thought of when I read it

TJStarzZ 8

Either you're trying to garner sympathy or you're a helpless retard. WHO gives a camera to a RANDOM PERSON? I mean, some friends and I have taken PICTURES WITH random cool people, only 'cause they agreed. We didn't give them or 100-dollar cameras so we could get JACKED. You deserve it, and if really knew you, I'd only make you feel bad for making such a retarded chain of mistakes, anyways. Let's see, A. giving the camera to some random person, B. WATCHING him move back 20 feet- no one needs to take a shot from that distance unless you're a group of maybe 100+ friends, and C. Being so helpless as to not chase him. My God you really DID deserve this.

musu_fml 0

Apparantly Canadians do. When I was on holiday there a stranger at the Falls asked if I could take his photo, handing me an extremely expensive-looking professional camera. It certainly cost far more than $100.

Canadians are nice.

They only do that in Niagara Falls because it's a heavily populated with tourist area. Don't try giving a camera to one of the non-business looking people in Toronto, though, they'll probably run away with your camera. =)

musu_fml 0

Of course, he could have been on holiday just like me and not been Canadian at all. Maybe he was just rich and wouldn't care if it got stolen.

Be sure to let me know if you and your friends make it to New York.

mate YDI lol u and you 'group of frends' couldve taken turns in taking the pic so that in the end, everyone was in it DUH. sigh...dont just trust strangers...

LOL! Thats a classic. Have you never seen Mr. Bean????

should have put a bin over his head.

Morty_fml 0

Heh, that's exactly what I thought.



Sun_Kissed18 25

Well that sucks, time for a new camera :)