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Today, I was taking a final test online that would account for 65% of my final grade. I had worked extremely hard in that class. I had one submission for the test. My roommate thought it would be funny to click the "Submit All" Button while i was getting a glass of water. I got a 13%. FML
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  john_cena_fml  |  0

What in the world are you talking about? If it was this person's computer, the roommate had no business being on it. What bizarro world do you live in with codes of conduct and stations?

  Reyo  |  2

I've been in this situation, only I've been lucky enough to not have this sort of thing happen.
I start taking a timed, online test and I hear "Son, could you come downstairs? I need you to do an extensive, hour long task that, based on how well you do, will prove whether or not we should support you through the rest of your life." 5 seconds into taking it.

Really?! You pick NOW to have me do something like that?! It couldn't have been 5 minutes ago?!
Every freaking time I swear...

  spaerro  |  8

I go to the same school you do. email your teacher OP. trust me. if you don't think they'll buy the roommate story tell them to meant to hit "save submission" instead. if you worked as hard as you say you did there shouldn't be a problem and your life isn't fucked.

  bandaidface  |  0

Seriously- drag the douche by the neck and make him explain.

What is with all of the retarded roommate stories? How the hell is it funny to completely screw someone over in a class?

  Link5794  |  18

If the computer froze, it wouldn't have submitted test.

By  Starfire22  |  5

OMG that sucks!! Hopefully you can call up ur professor and explain the situation and you may be able to redo the test. If not see if you cab do ALOT of extra credit?!