By c.m.g. - 27/04/2011 10:50

Today, I was taking a dump in a porta-potty at a fair. I had the runs really bad. All I have to say is that it's tough to take a shit that seems never-ending while other people outside are bitching at you and hammering on the flimsy door. FML
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*Cue the shitty puns*

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TenderizeMe 0


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take your time "f" the rest.!

hahahaahahaha omg win ^^

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it's muwaha.

allanaskye 0

not really since it's muwaha not muwha

boners your nose ring is sexy man

I thought it was 'muaha' o_O

lol I find that whole jack sparrow goatee, and Justin beiber being eaten by a ferret(?) a lot better. =P

and @56, I'm pretty sure that's used for kissing lol

poop on those people

make a bad smell and when you walk out sayin I left a present!

that ain't a ferret eating bieber its an opossum but still glad its happening

did u make sick histarical moaning sounds?

so leave them a present on the seat. and wherever else it goes. or tell them your busy reinacting hiroshima

Take a shit on the seat, run out and yell "Brown chicken brown cow!"

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Throw all the toilet paper in the hole.

89 that isn't even the right context...

you must be this full with shit to ride the ride

robotiick 12

31 u just made my day

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you are beautiful

You should of unrolled all the toilet paper and thrown it inside the toilet for rushing you dude.

tenderize- you have an amazing smile! we should be friends :)

aww man that really sucks!

what if OP was a lady? Curious-would any of you ladies actually take a dump in a public porta-potty if you had the runs? lol it's like one of those really rare instances.

lol I would if I really had to go..

yeah I guess that's true. but I thought that women were just born with like some natural self control, since they're normally almost never caught farting in public. idk convo's getting kinda weird lol.

haha yeah I agree.. weird conversation..

Ladies just have silent farts, and we don't announce them to the people around us. Ladies fart just as much, they just don't tell anyone :)

haha ikr? it's not like we want people to kno that we farted lol

yeah I know, but how's that fair at all? lol but then again we have a saying from back where I come from where "the silents are deadly, while the loud ones are just for show." xD

haha that is so true!! Silent is always deadly! lol

TheDrifter 23

Don't forget usually blamed on someone else. I'm sure most of the men here have been blamed for a fart that wasn't ours.

haha so true I blame my friends all the time

I heard my girlfriend fart, she's now my ex because of that :)

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If it was that "though to take a shit" the op wouldn't have diarrhea now would they?

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ewwww op . thaaat must suckkkk :3 :/

ha sucking in a porta-potty

yeah I would hate it if that happened to me

That stinks.

haha i see what ya did there

Piss them off enough and they might tip it!

*Cue the shitty puns*

Sad but true.

shit on e floor. that'll teach em.

marijuanasmoker4 3

Then how do you get out without getting shitty yourself.

who said anything bout not shittin yourself. hahahaha.

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That sucks op. But look at it this way, when you finally get out of there, you should do the same thing to them. Maybe try and tip it ...

Mortoli 30

lol the smell will be bad enough to have to live through im sure.

at least you had TP I think it would be worse if you didn't

oh and when you're done take the TP with you that'll really piss them off