By poolboy - 23/07/2012 04:28

Today, I was swimming in my pool with my two sons. A few hours later while on Facebook, I saw that one of them had liked a photo with the caption, "Peeing in a pool, best feeling ever." FML
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TayonaC 10

Do you know how many people pee in pools? If you're grossed out by one person maybe you shouldn't go to public pools because a large majority of people pee in them.

That's gross! I think you should have a word with your son about this.


That's gross! I think you should have a word with your son about this.

Reply back with the word "grounded" Then announce he will not be on facebook for a week.

talinatr 1

I don't think it's necessary to embarrass him on Facebook in front of all of his friends, it's tough enough being a kid already. Plus, there's no evidence that he actually did it. Just talk to him and tell him that's not okay to do!

Twonty2 6

I don't get the big deal really, all you have to do is shock it. May be a pain but it's clean afterwards. It's not worthy of being grounded over.

borkchop1992 15

At practice everybody pisses in the pool.

It says he liked a picture. It doesn't mean that he's doing that. I like a lot of things on Facebook but it doesn't mean I'm doing them right in the moment that I like them. and as long as you have chlorine in your pool you don't have to worry about pee as much. Just don't drink the water.

I agree with 66. Also it might not have been the caption he was liking, it could have been the picture itself.

I'm sure everyone at one point has peed in a pool at least once. That's why chlorine is around. You should think about the ocean. Peeing and pooping animals and ships that dump their waste into it as well. Now that's gross.

Ydi for having your children on Facebook!

I think it's a pretty good thing that the kid has a Facebook, otherwise OP would've never found out.

the kids can be older than you think, even If they do still pee in the pool :p lol

Yeah, it's OP and the other 140,000,000 parents who let their kids on facebook.

I said having your kid - as in having them as a friend not letting them on. Get your facts right before you talk?

106 - It's funny because your username makes that comment ironic. Oh, and you seem like a total bitch who hates being proven wrong so badly that they reply to a response comment almost two months later.

solosohigh 15

gross. if it makes you feel any better, the chlorine apparently kills everything instantly... yep, still gross.

1221jamw 11

Yeah I never understood, wouldn't the chlorine be unhealthy in a pool if it kills everything?

dominic1221 6

Hah! If it killed everything, girls would be getting yeast infections left, right and center.

How old is your son to be posting that on Facebook? O.o

They did not post. Simply liked. And Facebook allows young people to sign up too. Mostly all young ones lie about their age.

Woops, I misread it. But still.

My cousin is 8 yet 13 on Facebook. I wonder why??? Yeah lots of kids lie about their age.

TayonaC 10

Do you know how many people pee in pools? If you're grossed out by one person maybe you shouldn't go to public pools because a large majority of people pee in them.

I know of parents telling their kids to just pee in the pool instead of getting out.

Errmmm..."swimming in MY pool". It was the OP's own pool. Not a public pool. They have very right to be grossed out that someone peed in their own pool.

Inheritance 10

5 is trying to say its a lot worse in public pools. Also parents shouldn't be grossed out to much of their young ones peeing in the pool, considering they share same DNA, and because OP had the kid.

She did mention it was in OP's own pool. She's just saying to not go to a public pool.

AClassActx3 7

Shes swimming in her pool though & forget DNA. That's still nasty

All pools are toilets. And the more kids that swim in the pool the more of a toilet it is. The only pool that is not a toilet is a solo private pool that no one but you uses and is locked and covered when you are not. YDI

It must be a way, to tell you you have to heat the pool :P

Nice useless ass comma.

I just don't see the satisfaction of peeing in a pool. I think he's just too lazy to get out to drain the main vein.

Better make sure to shock the hell out of it!

What are you talking about?

raraisbang 12

Shock: a chemical treatment used to quickly and effectively disinfect pools, generally used before or after the pool is to be used.

coolbrony12 3

That was extremely descriptive. Are you some kind of human dictionary?

kiran_fml 5

She could be a human googler.

matthew3 2

Straighten the kid out!

Why? Is he crooked? *Ba dum tiss!* *booed off stage*

matthew3 2

Please, tell more about your career as a comedian?

Get the chemical that makes the water turn blue when someone urinates, once they do it, take a picture and tag him Facebook

Ah, reference to Grown Ups. Good movie.

I don't think that was a movie reference, Kimmi. That chemical actually exists.

I didn't know that. I wish I did before, because I'm sure my brother and his little brat friends pee in my pool!

That chemical actually doesn't exist. There are so many chemicals in the pool that it wouldn't be able to pick up the traces of urine.

54 - It does exist. In a public pool near where I live, they use a chemical similar to that so whenever someone pees, the water around them turns into a noticeably different colour and they are asked to get out of the water by a lifeguard. Either that, or everyone who lives nearby pees out rainbows.

SeedlessMe 13

54 is correct people, stop thumbing her down. This is a myth they use to scare children into not peeing in the pool. There are definitely too many chemicals in a swimming pool to differentiate them from your urine. Just please don't take this as an 'okay' to go ahead and pee in the pool, that's just gross. ;) 82- I guess the people where you live must piss rainbows.

97 - Yep they totally piss rainbows. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go shit out an elephant.