By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I was supposed to work with this girl I really like but I had the flu really bad. I really really wanted to see her so I forced myself out of bed and went to work feeling terrible but determined to see her face. When I got to work I asked where she was. She had called in sick with the flu. FML
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  ipts  |  0

man, dont listen to these people. if i had the flu, hell if i had my cancer and i wanted to see my crush, some unknown force kicks in and i can do things like im f*ckin unstoppable. women can do that to ya. or some women

By  crazy_cat_lady24  |  0

If you 'had the flu really bad' you wouldn't be able to get out of bed and go to work. Quit wining about a cold and stop calling it the flu. You're not really ill, you're just a pussy.

Getting out of bed for that girl only makes it dumber.

  Books4Me  |  0

Some of us actually make an effort to see those we like, despite how we feel. I think most people have been in a situation similar to this. Good luck getting a bf with this kind of attitude.


it drives me crazy when people have a cold and say it's the flu! i don't know which one the OP really had but if he/she was able to go to work then i suspect it was more of a bad cold - if you do have influenza you usually are too sick to go to the front door, let alone work, and you really ought to keep your germs at home anyway. still sucks though.