By ohboy - United States
Today, I was supposed to see an apartment. 30 minutes after I was to meet the owner, she still hadn't shown. I called her. When I got no response, I was annoyed and kept calling. Finally, she answered, said, "I'm in the hospital with my father. He just died. Please stop calling me," and hung up. FML
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  akeller3298  |  1

Who wouldn't be annoyed if this happened ?! When you've been waiting somewhere for over 30 minutes you call ONCE and leave a "Detailed Message" I think not . you call mutiple times cause your so pissed .

  twilight_lupus  |  13

Right. You call once. Then wait there for god knows how long until they finally listen to the message, if they even do that and call you back. That leaves you waiting there because you don't know where they are, and are afraid that if you get too fed up and leave they will show up. Yeah no. You keep calling until they answer and you know what the heck is going on. And the person should of called the OP to tell them that their father had died and told them they needed to reschedule.

By  Emika_fml  |  0

That's terrible for her, but still... if she KNEW that she had an appointment with you, why would she ignore your calls? It would have saved you time and saved her the irritation if she'd just picked up the phone the first time and said, "Sorry, not today."

By  musu_fml  |  0

#6 It's not harrassment; the OP did have an appointment with her. Are you honestly telling me you'd only leave ONE message and then just sit there waiting?

FHL...she's at her father's deathbed and she doesn't turn off her phone? I can only guess that maybe she had some other relatives needing to get in touch.