By sadnj - 25/03/2017 00:00

Today, I was supposed to go on a date with my attractive and seemingly charming neighbor. Yesterday, his house was raided and he was arrested for running a heroin ring. FML
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So he's got money, then.

He takes bad boy to a whole new level


He takes bad boy to a whole new level

Well that escalated real quick

So he's got money, then.

Glad I'm not the only one who thought that

With the opioid epidemic spreading, he's apparently an astute businessman.

send nudes. to his prison cell. he'll need them.

So you're saying he's self-employed?

I bet that date would have been pretty....dope.

That was good

hi this was my post.. the kid called me a few days later to apologize for ever putting me in any danger. he said that his roommates were selling dope without his knowledge. while skeptical, i do believe him if simply not for the fact that he was released and the others are still locked up. whole situation is escalated due to the fact that we live one block away from an elementary school. either way it seems i may have (quite literally) dodged a bullet on that one..

Or he rolled on his friends/roommates to receive immunity/reduced sentence/probation and that's why he's out walking around free. Or maybe he told you the truth. Either way I would be hesitant to get involved with that dude unless you can verify his story...sounds like you have sympathy for that guy. It is nice that he apologized but he was knowingly living with smack dealers. He had to have known about it, junkies are hard to overlook.

At least he was arrested before the date instead of after.

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