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Today, I was supposed to finally go out with my guy-friend that I have liked for a long time. He told me he would text me, and after waiting for hours for the text, I finally got it. It said, "Guess what!? I just got laid!" He forgot our date, had it off, and I congratulated him. FML
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  plasticbag88  |  0

Ahah... my best friend who was a girl, I told her all about the girls I thought of and she told me about all her guy problems... And then we ended up dating... and still are :)
There's nothing wrong with that... Just 'cause you dont do it.

  gtfwdr  |  0

holy shit im almost in the exact same position as best guyfriend tells me about his sex life all the time and i like should stop focusing on just him and start checking out other guys,theres prolly one out there that likes you, its not like your pathetically inlove with him right? put yourself out there and soon enough youll either find someone or the guy will realize that he likes you too =]

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Woah replies showing up, then disappearing. My reply to someone else got moved. What....

Also #4, it's weird because she must have said something if she asked him on a date, even if she didn't imply how strongly she liked her. What I mean is, it's inconsiderate of him to not consider her feelings, even if he did forget the date.
And... apparently a lot of people secretly like their friends.

But what mostly seems weird to me is that it would probably be awkward if I randomly went up to one of my guy friends and was like "I got laid last night, high five me bro!"
I suppose it's not as weird for a guy, though, since usually it's the guy doing the... anything. Ahurr...

Hopefully this doesn't get moved, but at least I identified who I am responding to this time...
So THIS is the 4 I was replying to last time... man FML you screwy something you.

By  prettykitty123  |  0

Why would you Congratulate him? He had sex with another girl on your date.. I'd be livid if that happened to me. You don't deserve it but grow a back bone and tell him what he did. If you want something go for it

  Vaetrus  |  0

"Guy-friend", so probably not a date. He just thought the two of them were good friends who could ditch the other for action. She should have either told him her feelings or at least not congratulate him and told him she was expecting his text earlier/his company.