By Anonymous - Australia - Albert Park
Today, I was stumbling down the street due to arthritic pain, when I accidentally bumped into a man. He turned and yelled, "Watch it, you clumsy, ugly bitch", to which I apologised and told him about my arthritis. He stared at me in confusion, then said, "Well, you're still ugly", and walked off. FML
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By  KittyKillsalot  |  7

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  jelly713  |  19

It's not that we think we're the "centre of the world", some of us are just really uneducated & don't know that there is a difference between UK standardized English & our Americanized English. It really has nothing to do with arrogance. It's lack of education for some commenters. Plus, not all of us are like that, 37.

  not_a_robot  |  15

#37, I am not saying that you're wrong, but I am saying that a large amount of Americans have done things to leave their mark on their generation and many more to come. When you think about it, always calling Americans stupid without getting a second judgement is a bit ironic, considering how arrogant it actually makes you look.

  JTHomer  |  13

Most Americans don't think their country is the center of the world. Just a select few individuals who were never raised with the opportunities of others and grew up in heavily biased environments. Most Americans (I'm Canadian, btw) are just like an average citizen found anywhere. Just like how most citizens in "the rest of the english speaking world"^ use apologise and the people in North America dont, you can't judge them because one person of that culture acted that way. It would be like a North American saying, "oh look, a snobby Brit who ridicules other countries for being ignorant well they themselves are arrogant", because they happened to meet some douchebag British guy one day. That might be the case with a few extremist patriots however id assume most Brits dont look down on everyone. Or Id hope not.

  Queensland  |  27

First off, read my comment... I'm saying he thinks it's the centre of the world not all Americans. The 'yet another' was because this is the millionth time I've seen people like that on the Internet. And I don't know where you pulled arrogant from my comment?

  Codezlol  |  21

I know Canadians who think we're the center of the world, Australians who think it too, people from all reaches in Europe who think they are the center too. China has people like that too. Guess what, any land occupied by human life form has some individual who thinks the universe revolves around them. Sorry just sick of the USA always being singled out lol. Have a nice day.